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    Stand aside Chevy Tahoe-All new 2018 Expedition

    I bet it's about $70 large loaded up.
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    It's the small thing in life.....

    That's awesome!
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    Meet 'Karl"

    Ok Dr. Dolittle. :D
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    Verizon Goes back to Unlimited or is it Smoke and Mirrors again?

    It just means your Unlimited data is not 4G (fastest network) unlimited. The fastest speed is actually limited. As I read it Hot Spot speeds are also reduced. Fine print. I really don't know how this affects Verizon. I know with AT&T I was yelling Mother Fucker at the phone after a week into...
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    "Love your boat, is it a schiada?"

    Compared to Bud products the advantage is no headache.
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    "Love your boat, is it a schiada?"

    When we go to the river I am in or driving a Cobalt most the time. People still waive back. I love that part about boating. I will say this Yopengo's 240 basically looks like a brand new boat and he is not short of complements.
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    "Love your boat, is it a schiada?"

    I own black socks and own a Laveycraft. Screws everyone up when I wear my DCB T shirt. Where's your DCB? It's hot out and wet. Using it it those conditions void the persona. The Lavey.....Yeah its a rental.
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    Verizon Goes back to Unlimited or is it Smoke and Mirrors again?

    Some smoke and maybe one mirror. If you exceed 10G a month your going to 3G which if true, should not be all that bad. No streaming in HD. I am a little sensitive to this because AT&T was giving me and millions of others a good screwing throttling you to 2G speed after 3gb which is impossible to...
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    Verizon Goes back to Unlimited or is it Smoke and Mirrors again?

    i am guessing you guys will have your speed throttled once you reach a pre-set data cap, then 2G speeds for whatever remains used that month. I did not read your fine print but AT&T has a simular deal but speeds throttle. Let me also add when speeds throttle town the smart phone is no longer...
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    driving cars into the ground.

    I feel for your son. The Jap players would never let defect BS like this meander about. We paid just at $20k for this car in March of 2015. It has 14k miles and KBB and Nada have the car at $8k trade in and $9.5 full retail, in perfect shape, with the $1200 sport package. Now that is an eye...
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    driving cars into the ground.

    2015's and 2016's have the same issue, same dual-clutch trans. Zero Changes! I spent a 1/2hr on the phone with RSM Ford's Service Manger and she basically said don't bring it back here again as there is nothing we can do and they don't want me as a customer. I also share the same idea that...
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    driving cars into the ground.

    We have a 2014 SE and the auto shift manual trans is a joke. Ford refuses to address it so now were looking at other options. Ford is real clever how they write their service orders trying to avoid being responsible for a failed design that was apparently way worse than I thought. The entire...
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    I learn from doing it wrong several times in a row. BTW I'm going to need a zip boom rental in the near future. PM me your info. Rather it be you than United.
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    towing with a suburban 5.3 4x4??? anyone???

    Flawless spam approach. :thumbsup
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    driving cars into the ground.

    Yes I agree but what about a camera? Driving that has to be super uncomfortable but I would keep it as long as there is sufficient shutter speed.
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    If he can make 500 hp with that 327 at 5 - 6 lbs of boost I would call it complete. With proper AF I think he can. All this harping on the builder is hideous except for the DYNO time that was loaded with red flags, unless I missed something in the conversation. If that engine was run...
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    RD.... Well You Know....

    CRS it a nearly tragic mental condition and also a blessing at the same time. :P:P
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    Custom Truck Shop...

    Eager to hear how all this shakes out Josie. Amp....whatever. I see their trucks running around Irvine. They are growing obviously but I will never forget the Quad stuff that was shit.
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    Milkmoney's new Porsche

    That picture is udder disturbing.
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    Do you remember?