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  1. JB in so cal

    Lots of people stopping by LHC

    I was there Monday morning! Got a shirt.
  2. JB in so cal

    New Shop in Havasu Iguana Marine

    My boat is there right now.
  3. JB in so cal

    Coronavirus prep

    Sleep, chicken soup, fluids, stay home
  4. JB in so cal

    Nautical pool remodel

    They drained the piss? Awesome
  5. JB in so cal

    For all you ballers with triple axle trailers

    Probably why they were demoing on a $100k travel trailer lol
  6. JB in so cal

    2019 RAM Classic diesel Q

    I'm out!
  7. JB in so cal

    2019 RAM Classic diesel Q

    $50+k msrp for +-$35k. Underpowered to tow 11000? Or to get out of its own way?
  8. JB in so cal

    2019 RAM Classic diesel Q

    going through the auto trader and there are a ton of Classic 2019 1500 diesels at really good prices. What's the deal? Crap motor? It's a RAM lol?
  9. JB in so cal

    River Monster Catfish / hide your small children

    Pics or it didn't happen :)
  10. JB in so cal

    Taught my nephew to drive today.

    Kinda hard to look cool against that thing...
  11. JB in so cal

    Fire Station 9

    Isn't the busiest station in OC the one by Leisure World? Not quite the same and the OC station is huge.
  12. JB in so cal

    If Bloomberg chooses Hillary as VP.....

    How long after winning does he hang himself?
  13. JB in so cal

    Someone change my headline please

    nice looking boat!
  14. JB in so cal

    Proud dad moment

    That's awesome!!!
  15. JB in so cal

    Opendoor, Zillow, etc... Any experience?

    Please. Cat and dog hair and a dirty truck.. If you don't hear from me for a while, you know why.....
  16. JB in so cal

    NBA Season thread

    That was an entertaining couple of OT's. Clips got hosed on several calls. Shoulda been a 4 point play.
  17. JB in so cal

    NBA Season thread

    Damn. Tax season and he posts about 45 seconds after the buzzer. True fan
  18. JB in so cal

    Anyone selling Islander RV canopy

    do you have anymore of that photo you can post lol
  19. JB in so cal

    Miami Boat Show 2020!!

    So the 2 week wait for articles is increased by the 3 hour time difference?
  20. JB in so cal

    If it wasn't for bad luck.......