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  1. Activated

    Test vid

    Dave doesn’t care about the poor people. IE Android users and RZR owners. 😁
  2. Activated

    Did I ever tell you about shaking the President's hand and RD swore his dick was in the pic...

    Every time I see a picture of Slick Willie, I can’t help but to start talking in his voice. Anyone else? Lol
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    I think I'm going to tap out on Desert Storm....

    @GRADS you will have a ton of fun. The last time we went we decided to do it boatless. We went to the street fair, had dinner at Cha Bones, watched the dirt bike show at the park, walked the channel...basically had no plan and just went with it. It was a lot of fun and we never even hit the...
  4. Activated

    I think I'm going to tap out on Desert Storm....

    From the pictures that I have seen on RDP, the suit you are referencing has significantly more coverage than the others he wears.
  5. Activated

    Climate change drying up Colorado River

    #fakenews lol
  6. Activated

    2016 Chevy Tahoe LT Premier $36,500

    i looked for the same thing but saw this going through pics again.
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    Bald Eagle live cam

    I went Salmon fishing in Alaska last summer, they were everywhere. They came in for scraps every afternoon. I think the highest count was 31.
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    Russians Helping Trump...Again

    The media with this Russia shit again. There is literally nothing anyone could have done to make me vote for that CeeUNextTuesday. I can also say the same thing about Bernie, Lil Mike or anyone who is for open borders.
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    Annual boat servicing.

    Baller. 😁
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    Did Milkmoney quit the site?

    Supersonic?? All I have is JJ Fad. I guess that makes me old. :cool: It actually starts at about 30 seconds...the first 30 hurt me to listen to. Lol
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    Did Milkmoney quit the site?

    @RiverDave probably has unpaid bar tabs all over Parker and Havasu. Lol 🍻🍻
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    Lost soul in LA:

  13. Activated

    Did Milkmoney quit the site?

    He said weirdo, not Jed-O.
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    Taught my nephew to drive today.

    Stopped me from posting the picture that would have won the FUncle contest. Lol
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    The Daytona 500 winner just texted me this...

    Fucking incredible.
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    RD, Yore Brilliant!

    Tell Grads hello for us.
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    Who’s got today off?

    You must have got an A in geography. Typical pretzel, you know what I meant.
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    Who’s got today off?

    He was in Portland and stated so, he didn’t say Oregon. Derp.