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  1. Boat211

    Fastest Schiada Ever

    I was thinking the same thing.
  2. Boat211

    Fastest Schiada Ever

    Which one is that?
  3. Boat211


    That is incredible!!! 44 years as a lineman is no joke. Time to live it up. You have certainly earned it.
  4. Boat211

    Electric trailer dollie

    Any idea the capacity of that? I may be interested
  5. Boat211

    Affordable River Houses in a Gated Community! (BHC)

    Cool stuff. Looking forward to seeing more about this.
  6. Boat211

    Sad News-My Mom RIP

    So sorry to hear but as others said, she had a good run. She looks amazing!!
  7. Boat211

    Sleep Number

    I bought one this past year. I have zero complaints and my sleep has improved.
  8. Boat211

    Aquarium redo

    This is before pics. Hopefully it turns out good.
  9. Boat211

    Aquarium redo

  10. Boat211

    Aquarium redo

    My tank is going to get a makeover this week as well.
  11. Boat211

    What’s a good FIRST Dirt bike for 16 yo?

    I’ll put in my 2 cents I guess too. I think he is too big for a 150 but it’s a great place to learn the basics, clutch and brakes. The 150r has plenty of power I think but he will be cramped. I have a YZ 125 and a 2019 YZ250F currently. I absolutely love my 125. My only concern with a new rider...
  12. Boat211

    19 GMT Spectra GN Boat

    I have always really like this thing. Great looking ride.
  13. Boat211

    I-15 super heavy snow, might not get back to Vegas today..

    We are stuck in Bakersfield. 58 is closed. Heading back north. We will try some other time.
  14. Boat211

    wanna know about a moho before you buy????

    In the early stages of Moho shopping. Still trying to figure out what I want. It will mainly be my son and I traveling to motocross races. I plan on towing a small enclosed trailer. I have had a super C in the past. Never had a class A but checking them out.
  15. Boat211

    Favorite boat you have been in or driven?

    Best ride I had in a boat was a Cyclone F2 ski race boat. It was 2004 however the engine wasn’t running but my heart was.
  16. Boat211

    Some Havasu Moto

    My son and I will be in Havasu between Christmas and New Years. He likes motocross and I am more of an off-road guy. Will anyone be around to do some riding? We have been to the motocross track in town. Are there any other cool spots to ride? Will definitely be up for some desert riding too.
  17. Boat211

    Looking for a Shiada RC

    It must be a push pull set up? Not cable and pulley. Is this correct?
  18. Boat211


    Still waiting for Schiada Regatta pics. Lol
  19. Boat211

    24 Schiada twin 300R’s! First water test

    Bitchen. Respectable number right off the trailer for a brand new combo.
  20. Boat211

    Considering changing the theme a bit..

    It’s red with the lights off. Green with lights on.