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    Hillary throwing Obama, Kerry and Al Gore under the bus,lol

    “He contributed to every Democrat’s campaign. He contributed to Barack Obama’s campaign, and John Kerry’s campaign and Al Gore’s campaign and everybody’s campaign.” — Hillary Clinton
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    Dust Masks and N-95 masks sold out everywhere...

    I wonder if ear plugs should be necessary as well to keep the bugs out.lol. :p
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    Grandpa mac

    Dave, I'm really curious about, if you kept Gmac here and got rid of the political section instead, what would Gmac do? ;) 🤣
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    23' Nordic Viking

    Sorry for the hijack of a Nordic thread, I loved their 26 from the late 70 early 80's, but I wonder if anyone here ever seen the rare 26' Sanger? I loved that boat.
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    Vanessa Bryant files wrongful death suit against helicopter operator in Kobe Bryant crash

    A friend died while logging in the Pacific Northwest in his helicopter. He had thousands of hours flying there, but anyone who knows the area, Bella Coola, Ocean Falls BC, clouds become pea soup in no time. In the North tip of Vancouver Island, popular halibut fishing towns Port Hardy, Port...
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    The Chinese...........

    ^^^ It's not going away https://www.technologyreview.com/s/612638/when-chinese-hackers-declared-war-on-the-rest-of-us/ In the company’s internal chat room, GitHub engineers realized they would be tackling the attack “for some time.” As the hours stretched into days, it became something of a...
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    Did I ever tell you about shaking the President's hand and RD swore his dick was in the pic...

    Grads sure have a fetishistic dick disorder. 🤣
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    No coal, no nuclear, no fossil fuels, enjoy living in grass huts.LOL

    Guessing that, cutting off electricity for these fools is a good start too. 🤣 A small Maryland enclave known as the “Berkeley of the East” has devised a bold climate plan that would ban gas stoves, leaf blowers and water heaters, according to a report. Oh, Gas-guzzling leaf blowers would be...
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    untsorce.cool virus fucking with my puter

    Thanks for the expert advice:p
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    untsorce.cool virus fucking with my puter

    I wish that was the problem, not!:p
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    untsorce.cool virus fucking with my puter

    https://www.quickremovemalwarevirus.com/redirect-virus/guide-to-delete-untsorce-cool-virus-from-pc/ I tried everything and can't find this fucker in the registry and msconfig. Trusted friend invited me to like a webpage on Fagbook and boom. Bitdefender is blocking it but the warning is...
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    Russians Helping Trump...Again

    Bernie got a little bump in Nevada and thinks he’s already President.:p liberals could be living in the most picturesque utopia under Trump and they'd still vote for Bernie. :p🤣Oil and coal are on the chopping block of course, but Bernie also promises to eliminate nuclear power plants. Everyone...
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    Climate change drying up Colorado River

    Well, the Colorado River carved the Grand Canyon one mile deep from 6 million years. ago Flows at the mouth of the river have steadily declined since the beginning of the 20th century, and in most years after 1960 the Colorado River has run dry before reaching the Pacific Ocean. Get rid of all...
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    Dirty Harry Backs Bloomberg for 2020

    Dirty Harry isn't dissing Trump, only wishes he would be a little more polished by dropping twitter that most Trump fans agree with. I'm more concerned about Clint hanging out with a looser like Arnie on the ski slopes:p Eastwood, who described himself to the outlet as a libertarian who has...
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    Paging LOF, Mazda talk

    That's going to be my boy in his S2000. He can't wait to beat me on the track .hehe. He has to stay N/A for the GTU class though, but I may just sneak a turbo in the Miata to measure up ;) :D
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    Russians Helping Trump...Again

    Are you for real,haha. China will own your ass way before Russia. In 20 years, China's population will double and they'll need your arable land to feed the masses. Soylent Green you'll be. ;) :p
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    Paging LOF, Mazda talk

    I started installing the front first and found the setting at full [ high ] was still pretty good for public roads. Then installed the rears when I noticed the ride got hard on the road. I think it still might be ok on full [ high ] for track use and only dial down half way [ 14 clicks ] for a...
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    Paging LOF, Mazda talk

    After a couple of years using Yonaka in the 1990 Miata with no issues what so ever, I decided to get them again for the 2004 Miata budget racer. Here's what the car looks slammed. Not dialed in yet, have the damper set to high so it rides like a brick now, but there's 28 click setting to...
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    Winning in Kaliforistan

    Grads, your boy Newsom is pussy. No one cares about his ;) signed LAW
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    Anyone else hate the metric system?!?!

    UD, we're in the 21st century now. In my line of work using lasers for the products. not an iota of standard/imperial unit are used. Tight tolerance of 1-2 microns is standard, billet components all CNC machined. The metric system is easy to use, no wonder it's standard in the majority of...