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  1. Sharp Shooter

    Engine shop recommendation in Inland Empire/So Cal?????

    Waynes in Riverside
  2. Sharp Shooter

    2013 Ford F-250 SuperDuty 6.2

    Father in law passed away so I'm helping Mother in law list this. Its a 2013 Supercab 6.2 XL long bed. It has 55,000 miles, work rack, polished diamond plate bed cover, pw window/door locks, tint, nerf bars, tow controller, fresh tires and new battery. It's in good shape but does have a few...
  3. Sharp Shooter

    Got my son a dirt bike - - what else do I need?

    I have a lot of used kids riding gear in Fontana if anyone is interested. It's in really good shape. I taught both my kids from a young age and never skimp on safety for me or them. Track riders usually roll all the safety gear, "seasonal"desert riders not so much.
  4. Sharp Shooter

    To the LEO on here

    For the life of me, I don't get why people don't lock their shit.
  5. Sharp Shooter


    I've got some great pics of Andre from BAE at the river about 20 years ago. He walked all the way into the restaurant with a pussy drawn on his forehead. :D
  6. Sharp Shooter

    Schiada Guys...Ya gotta admit...

    Cool Dave! :)
  7. Sharp Shooter

    Campbell Carl - It's Been 4 Years!! RIP Buddy

    Carl was a cool cat. Everyone loved the guy! Route 66 2011 top and Irvine Lake 2010 lower pic.
  8. Sharp Shooter

    addicted to YouTube?

    Thank you!! 👍🏻
  9. Sharp Shooter

    addicted to YouTube?

    Anytime 951 741 134six
  10. Sharp Shooter

    Your first boat.....

    The first pic is how I got it. And it didn't even have a trailer. :p
  11. Sharp Shooter

    addicted to YouTube?

    I'm planning to retire early thanks to youtube. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcpHKFpr7bwWwhpiZbFqzOg?view_as=subscriber
  12. Sharp Shooter

    Your first boat.....

    My first boat is still around.
  13. Sharp Shooter


    The modern day boater would never survive without shade much less the creature comforts they've been spoiled with the last 30 years. :p Plus they're not any fun. :cool:
  14. Sharp Shooter

    Do you guys ever get a phone call that makes you go...hmmmm?

    I guess that explains why he hasn't been posting. :confused:
  15. Sharp Shooter

    New Nikola Truck

    It doesn't look bad. How much is it?
  16. Sharp Shooter

    209 M.P.H. wind recorded in Tahoe today

    We were hangin at Camp Richardson and skied back in. :p:cool:
  17. Sharp Shooter


    45 years!? It's time to treat yourself to a blower! You deserve it! :D:p