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  1. Jefftowz

    Dog Name

    The kids decided on “ River”
  2. Jefftowz

    Dog Name

    On Sunday we got a new puppy, they said she is a husky/shepherd mix of some sort… We’ve been going around and around for a name and here are the finalists please let me know your choice. Hazel....River.... Lola....
  3. Jefftowz

    I think I'm going to tap out on Desert Storm....

    Come out in July for McRaft up.
  4. Jefftowz

    7th annual McRaftup!

    We’re in....
  5. Jefftowz

    Are they any Jewelers on RDP?

    @OldSchoolBoats has a relative I think.
  6. Jefftowz

    The Daytona 500 winner just texted me this...

    Just read online head announced he’s getting divorced last week,,,,
  7. Jefftowz

    So what you drive does matter

    Put a free WiFi sign and the gals will be fighting to get in.
  8. Jefftowz

    If it wasn't for bad luck.......

    Good to see everyone is OK, that’s scary shit with the family in the car… I would Get everyone checked out ASAP and get a lawyer. You will be getting a new SUV when this is over once the police report comes out.
  9. Jefftowz

    If you know...

    No pictures of Bonehead?
  10. Jefftowz

    Do you guys ever get a phone call that makes you go...hmmmm?

    There is a podcast I just listened to call in you backyard. It’s all about the disappearance and all the mistakes that have been made. Like 18 search warrants and no arrest.
  11. Jefftowz

    Good Boat mechanic in Havasu

    Mario at So cal Speed and Marine.
  12. Jefftowz

    Golden Retriever pup needs home

    If the other options fall through, we are in. Thank you all for the shoutout. Jeff 818-974-4555
  13. Jefftowz

    Any hook ups on Bakflip MX4 Tonneau covers?

    Call Jesse at Coastline Motorsports in Woodland Hills. (818) 402-9049 That’s his cell.
  14. Jefftowz

    Do yourself a favor, buy your wife a InstaPot

    We have one, sausage and peppers in 20 minutes..
  15. Jefftowz

    Tire Guy

    I get all my stuff at Marks, Tow truck tires, BMW and my pick ups.
  16. Jefftowz


    https://www.theodysseyonline.com/you-know-youre-lake-person-when Yep.
  17. Jefftowz

    Crack is whack!

  18. Jefftowz

    Modern Diesel truck Hop up, Banks Derringer

    I put a Pedal Commander on my V6 F150, I took it off, it was fun to spin the tires but made it hard to drive normal.
  19. Jefftowz

    Looking for first motorhome (possibly)

    One problem solved.