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  1. mbrown2

    From the original HotBoat days...

    He seemed ok on the boards and from briefly meeting him...and like Dave said...the half nude girls dancing on a coke machine is entertaining and explainable but other things go over like Bernie Sanders trying to endorse Cuba's education system...Don't want to put it on any one person or trip but...
  2. mbrown2

    From the original HotBoat days...

    Lol...its definitely not the same vibe here...as it was during that hot boat phase.....whenever I run into RDP'rs at Desert Storm or along the river its a different vibe. Think 2Ffull might be mistaking selling RV's for swinging... ...there's a lot of that here...:)
  3. mbrown2

    From the original HotBoat days...

    It's funny... We went on that dam run trip...and saw some of the shenanigans Frenchie and that crew pulled. It literally turned my wife off to the entire hotboat set of folks I knew online, virtually or personally. Literally did not want to go to any further events including OP6 or otherwise...
  4. mbrown2

    Cigarette 41 Nighthawk!!

    Very nice...
  5. mbrown2

    Vanessa Bryant files wrongful death suit against helicopter operator in Kobe Bryant crash

    9 times out of 10 I say no to lawsuits...accidents happen, but looking at this flight I think most of us think this captain was in over his head. He made mistakes which his company and their insurance needs to cover. Likely people are going to come after her estate so like a fender bender she...
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    We have a place by the dam....Suddenlink sux...I try and work from the riverhouse each month and lose internet at least 3-4 times a day. I have had them out at least 6 times each and every time they say they did something or other to fix only to have the same lackluster service after they...
  7. mbrown2

    New Project on the way. Land Rover 109

    Safari King Smooth!
  8. mbrown2

    Bomb in Dowtown LA today

    My Friday's at work are so boring.... sounds a nine lives kind of job! 👍
  9. mbrown2

    Need the Inmate's help, please!

  10. mbrown2

    River Monster Catfish / hide your small children

    Did he keep it or release it...cool to see them that big but kind of bummed to see something that old being taken out.
  11. mbrown2

    Boatless for the first time

    That Red/Yellow 2004 above is the one we built...fun boat. I think the one below it is Kilrtoy's old boat....not sure if it is new 300xs's or just new cowling graphics and interior...but 140K for a mid 2000's boat...I think it is priced high if the same boat.
  12. mbrown2

    Boatless for the first time

    That White/Blue/Red F is really nice...good deal! So you have probably seen these but based on what I think you are going to spend on your speedster replacement...here is what came to top of mind... (price was a big assumption) M29 Really nice colors...400's ...perfect size...
  13. mbrown2

    Bring the Water!! Wonder how CA will fight back!

    So we are trying to divert more water to central valley farms which feed Cali and the rest of the state/country/world.......sounds like a good idea and the fact it was held up was due to the Delta Smelt sounds like an Enviro hurdle...
  14. mbrown2

    Your first boat.....

    I remember my 1st boat...91 Hi-Tech Sabre 20.6.... I think it was a splash of something else (maybe Cole)....but with a euro style deck wrap around windshield. Anyway it was one of their first outboards...looking back it not was dialed in and only really took a set with smooth water. Top speed...
  15. mbrown2

    1 dog at vet, 1 dog in jail...and a trip to the ER

    Sorry to hear the dilemma....cannot imagine having to do always having had small mild breeds. XRing....crazy stories from the ranch. My dad grew up on a ranch and they had a similar respect for dogs. They viewed them as workers and not so much pets. When they no longer could do their job...
  16. mbrown2

    Getting old got worse........

    Sorry to hear it....get some rest and get well!
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    Damn....I was like was is the problem until they got to the throwing out the lights on the xmas tree... :):):):):)
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    Attack on guns SB 1625

    This is not the issue. AZ has plenty of diversity. The uproar when AZ passed AB187 in the early 2000's was not California transplants demonstrating; I would know as I was one of the transplants living in state at the time. Any state that borders Mexico is naturally going to have a lot of...
  19. mbrown2

    Attack on guns SB 1625

    Looks like Calizona is busy... In the last several weeks these bills have been introduced. SB1624 https://legiscan.com/AZ/text/SB1624/2020 Background checks SB1625 https://legiscan.com/AZ/text/SB1625/2020 Assault weapons ban SB1626 https://legiscan.com/AZ/text/SB1626/2020 Also known...
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