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  1. NicPaus

    Dust Masks and N-95 masks sold out everywhere...

    They had them last time I was at Costco. Bought a few boxes. Half price of HD. Need to go by there in a few for dog food will check.
  2. NicPaus

    can am vs rzr

    Just got back from Carson trailer. A 14' dual axle utility trailer is $1600 with ramp gate $1900 plus fees. Picked up my Diamond plate 14' HD.
  3. NicPaus

    Fill your tank..

    My phone going off early this morning. BIL and a few friends work there. Along with several inmates here.
  4. NicPaus

    Dog Name

    Dixie ;)
  5. NicPaus

    can am vs rzr

    It's a little over kill for a SXS but it will double as a skid steer trailer. 9,995 gvwr with brakes on both axles all Diamond plate deck. Going to try and grab it tomorrow if I have time and will post pics. A 14' 7k rated with ramp and 1 brake axle is around 2500 but I will ask Alex to give...
  6. NicPaus

    Hey Plumbers!

    Depends if you plan on having a stocked service van or using your pickup and running for parts constantly. One of my rigs is setup for plumbing and kitchen bath remodels. Doing plumbing 1 or 2 days a week on my jobs instead of farming it out to one of my 8 plumber buddies I paid it off in 2...
  7. NicPaus

    Hey Plumbers!

    $250-450 in SoCal. He probably didn't want to notch that 2x anymore so he used the bands.
  8. NicPaus

    Block or solid concrete retaining wall?

    I have both at one of my jobs. Over 4.5 is all poured in place. Retaining that the house sits on. Highest point is 8' with 4' key rebar 8" oc. Cmu is faster less forms. But the engineer spec was cmu up to 4.5 then poured in place.
  9. NicPaus

    can am vs rzr

    Carson trailer just called and my new 14' trailer is ready for pickup. Time to start looking to buy again. I liked the rzr s and can am until I sat in the pro XP. All 3 were over 30k otd that was a few months ago. Looking to buy a 4 seater.
  10. NicPaus

    can am vs rzr

  11. NicPaus

    Tim McDonald

    Same shop the owner was part of the epic call out thread on here?
  12. NicPaus

    Interstate Batteries Havasu

    River island market is owned by Phil. They even have the 6V good green tops at our store. I bought the green tops to replace the bad Costco ones there as well as my golf cart battery. Better price than auto zone.
  13. NicPaus

    I think I'm going to tap out on Desert Storm....

    This Shockwave will work well on Havasu. Looks like my old block in Chico from the pics.
  14. NicPaus

    Interior upholstery

    Lee's upholstery in Parker is small operation. Just had a boat done there. It came out nice. I am happy. Price was very reasonable and She worked with me as I live in CA and had to make the drive to drop off and pick up with her limited storage space. She made me some mooring covers also.
  15. NicPaus

    Big sonic booms...

    Thunder. Had a few earlier
  16. NicPaus

    Interstate Batteries Havasu

    Details? I run interstate batteries. Only issue was the Costco ones failed in 4 months. Boat shop tried to warranty them and interstate told him they were not the same as green top and I had to drag back to LA to return at Costco.
  17. NicPaus

    Contractor Recommended for Concrete Patch

    PM sent
  18. NicPaus

    Desert Center Danger

    I saw a inmate here with someone pulled over on Rice rd yesterday. Saw him cruise through our park also other day. :)
  19. NicPaus

    Need Plumbers Advice Here

    If the supply houses are closed. Ace usually has the brass water meter fitting and rubber gasket. Not sure I have seen one that was female. But that works best for going to PVC. Never done a new main with pvc myself.
  20. NicPaus

    2018 Eliminator 27 Speedster

    Was your bullet closed bow and going to Texas? I swear I saw it at Echo a few times last weekend. Congrats on the sales to both of you.