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  1. Melloyellovector

    Isn't it that time? Who's coming to Desert Storm 2020??

    Yep, will be my first time running around in that snot with a cat, Couches, Bimini, etc. assuming your future SIL actually gets done with that one too. Lol
  2. Melloyellovector

    Block or solid concrete retaining wall?

    Talk to engineer. You will need Details specific to your project. Yes you can go over 6 ft w CMU, we do 7ft pretty frequently, you would be using 12 or 16in block for lower half of wall. No way in hell a city standard even remotely ok for wall w structure on top. Also note you can’t even do...
  3. Melloyellovector

    Huge thanks to Chris (RvrKid) at HTW motorsports

    Nice, this just reminded me to text Chris and get current costs on AT2 extremes.
  4. Melloyellovector

    Back yard ideas....

    Finger paint by numbers, lol It’s pretty rare I even get involved w design anymore, and average budgets don’t meet my design ideas, 😂 Caught me at a bored moment while trying to design new body and paint for sandrail I was trying to add floating counter at spa wall near Baja and add bar stools...
  5. Melloyellovector

    Back yard ideas....

    Lots of variables on vanishing edge. But add 10k range for a normal situation and not to much drop. If on hillside that drops well below pool depth costs rise considerably
  6. Melloyellovector

    Back yard ideas....

    What’s your view? Looks like backyard has pretty large existing slope. If it’s lake view that would be perfect candidate for infinity edge. Pool costs would shoot up but the money save dollar on all those stairs would likely equal out.
  7. Melloyellovector

    Back yard ideas....

    New full size patio cover, vanishing edge pool and spa, firepit near spa w bench, bbq under new cover opposite side of garage, large table and seating under patio w tv and surround sound in patio and entire backyard, open lattic cover attached to new solid cover extending over backside of...
  8. Melloyellovector

    Annual boat servicing.

    I just blow motors every season so it’s all new at beginning of next season. No need for service. Lol
  9. Melloyellovector

    Pool replaster -School me

    And btw use umbrella sleeves. Plaster companies have them in any color to match your finish. They have a bottom to them and also a removable cap/cover that can be replaced. Most Plaster companies include for free unless holes need chipping /drilling. Still minimal cost
  10. Melloyellovector

    Gonna show shintoooo how to do Vegas

    I don’t know, I never saw any Asians in Utah or Idaho. LOL
  11. Melloyellovector

    I hate making payments...

    Best payment, ummmm going with the count down months and final payment to my ex to buy out from MY company. 😁
  12. Melloyellovector

    Pool replaster -School me

    I still haven’t moved forward w anything for Havasu. Big blasters is the main plaster and Shotcrete guys in town. Calling direct may or may not save you money. Builders get better prices so the end user is usaully paying similar cost regardless who you use. I suggest not using a newer company...
  13. Melloyellovector

    Someone change my headline please

  14. Melloyellovector

    SoCal Pools and Landscape builds

    Newport project, across the street from Brad hwybiz. Pool, spa, 2 fireplaces with built in tv boxes, bbq, entire property pavers, landscape, custom lighting, custom wood arbor and gates, full outdoor audio, the list goes on.
  15. Melloyellovector

    New/er Truck Purchase Opinions Needed

    arent those lil yard trailers only like 7-8k lbs fully loaded. We ain’t talkin dick sizes you don’t have to lie to kick it. Lol
  16. Melloyellovector

    New/er Truck Purchase Opinions Needed

    That’s because it’s driven buy your lady with low miles, and brother in law that replaces shit to make his sister safe. Must be nice, lol
  17. Melloyellovector

    High Performance Cat Insurance

    Right! I’m like if I could get that low on my topcat it would have insurance. Lol Fuckers want 4K + a year to insure. And that’s with saying hey the motor says 925 so yes it’s 900hp ;)
  18. Melloyellovector

    New/er Truck Purchase Opinions Needed

    Iv got 2016 Ram 2500 SRW CC LB 4x4 lift on 35in tires and airbags I’m mixed on this. I love the truck buuuuut (see below) 189,000 Mileage all depends on driving habits, can be great or shitty. Towing or not I tow 10-15k lbs pretty often It’s been a pretty expensive relationship so far 1) Lost...
  19. Melloyellovector

    The road to Glamis!!

    You just need to go with right group. Just like Havasu, if you only went once and you went to the channel and pirates cove only. You’d be like ehhh it’s alright, honestly had more fun going to and from the stops w kids jumping in water. Drunk, windshield, helmet and passenger no Fun for many...
  20. Melloyellovector

    What’s on everyone’s dinner table tonight?

    Some not so perfectly microwaved Nathan’s hotdogs in some not so fresh hand picked Nathan’s hotdog buns ( handpicked to remove the ones w mold ) topped w some mediocre at best hormel chili no beans. And a side of freshly cooked tater crowns w some Red Robyn seasoning, stolen by my son last...