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  1. HavasuHank

    Texas Post Whore Thread

    Hey Robert ... I'm in Spring ... about 25-30 miles north of Houston. My area got nailed, but not nearly as bad as other areas. I thought it was over today, then it started to dump again. Hope all is well with you guys, haven't seen you for a while ... maybe I'll take a drive up there one of...
  2. HavasuHank

    Texas Post Whore Thread

    Saw this the other day ... thought it was somewhat fitting lol
  3. HavasuHank

    Damn Truck Registration

    I registered my truck here in Texas ... $78. Back in California it would've been over $400-500. I definitely don't miss that BS.
  4. HavasuHank

    This Weather Sucks!!!

    This was a ton of rain. Reports are saying more rain came down in the last 2 days than during Harvey. I worked from home yesterday and drove in this morning ... only to be told to head back home. Crazy amount of rain.
  5. HavasuHank

    How Hot were you today!!!!!!

    Bunch of bitches up in here lol
  6. HavasuHank

    in the market for a new lawn mower....

    Thick, green, and lush ... digging the St. Augustine. How ya doing Booby?
  7. HavasuHank

    in the market for a new lawn mower....

    I had a Murray for about 10 years ... drove that fucker into the ground. Bought a Husqvarna ... love it. And this is coming from a beaner that has always done his own yardwork and whose lawn is legit.
  8. HavasuHank

    Had a fun day yesterday!

    Damn ... looks like I missed a good time.
  9. HavasuHank

    Old phone broke ... lost most of my contacts ...

    My old phone finally broke ... lost all my pictures, and most of my contacts. There's a chance I might be able to recover them, but in case I can't ... Please send me a text with your name so I can add you back into my contacts. 909 6three0 2812
  10. HavasuHank

    Happy birthday Cole Trickle

    Happy birthday Brandin. Have a great day brother ... hope to see you next time I fly out. Cheers my friend.
  11. HavasuHank

    WTF is up with GAS PRICES?!

    When I first moved to Texas, gas was $1.75 per gallon ... it has spiked up to $2.32 per gallon .... Texas is closed bitches :D
  12. HavasuHank

    Oh you tough guys are funny

    I take a little time away from the forums to deal with personal shit in my life, and this is what I come back to? Lol Geezus man ... I'm going to get another beer and get back in my pool.
  13. HavasuHank

    Current Situation - a picture thread

    A little bit of Texas life from a Southern California guy. Have a great Sunday RDP!!
  14. HavasuHank

    Happy Birthday DaytonaBabe

    Happy birthday Mel ... have a great day
  15. HavasuHank

    Happy Birthday Bobby the boozer

    Happy birthday bud ... be safe out there
  16. HavasuHank

    Plans 4 weekend??

    Yard work - done, laundry - done, clean the pool - done, clean the house - done ... time to relax. Smoked some ribeyes and reverse searing them now. Have a great weekend RDP!
  17. HavasuHank

    Looked at a New Home Yesterday. Saw a "How Much House can I Afford Chart".

    Texas is closed ... it'll re-open briefly to let me in, but it'll close again right after. :D
  18. HavasuHank

    *~* Desert Storm 2019*~*

    Back when @McRib @Hammer and myself ran the poker run ... and yes, we were first to the card stop :cool::cool:
  19. HavasuHank

    *~* Desert Storm 2019*~*

  20. HavasuHank

    *~* Desert Storm 2019*~*

    I think this sums up the vibe of Desert Storm ... hanging with your friends and having a great time