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  1. SJP

    Help with a bucket list item in upstate New York?

    From upstate and my family still lives there. May be able to help you guys with storage and staging out of Syracuse area. PM me.
  2. SJP

    Nautical pool remodel

    They need to fix and expand the docks. Maybe even provide boat valets (dock hands) like the rest of the civilized boating world’s hot beds durning peak season. This would be a small investment and provide $ a return. The summer crowds this year are going to be unreal on the water everywhere. I...
  3. SJP

    Valentines Day

    Awesome ride over. Going out on the water today.
  4. SJP

    Valentines Day

    I am taking her boating to Catalina.
  5. SJP

    Miami Boat Show 2020!!

    He is taking to the Miami lifestyle pretty quick.
  6. SJP

    Havasu Carne Asada

    It is pretty good. My friends bring it back to CA.
  7. SJP

    Miami Boat Show 2020!!

    The Miami boat show is such an awesome trip. Bummed we are missing it - think I am going to have to go to Catalina today instead.
  8. SJP

    Havasu Spring Break - Fizzled?

    Then they are not true boaters. Some of the best days on the water are in my beat up pontoon boat.
  9. SJP

    So what you drive does matter

    do you guys ever click on a thread and think WTF?
  10. SJP

    The New Boat

    So cool - congrats. You are going to love your Nautique. We like ours.
  11. SJP

    Electric trailer dollie

    Guys here is a pic of the unit I have. Capacity I have no idea but it was could move most single engine 30 and below on a slight grade. The big thing with any of these is tongue weight and getting traction. Hence number of wheels and where you place the coupler makes a difference.
  12. SJP

    Electric trailer dollie

    I have a power mover 3 wheel - you still need to use a cord. Works great with a few attachments. Would like to get 400 for it. Do not need anymore. Located in Long Beach can take to havasu.
  13. SJP

    The Kobe thread got me thinking......

    Awesome. They have a ton of snow and have been getting a little every night I have been here. I ride during Sundance every year so the mountain is empty. Great time to be here if you plan ahead and can deal with the crowds at night. Nothing like a Havasu holiday so it does not even phase me. I...
  14. SJP

    The Kobe thread got me thinking......

    Wish I knew you were this close and hit you up earlier. I come out here quite a bit in the winter and will contact in advance next time. Friends are rolling into town for the weekend. After riding 6 straight days I feel 80. :D
  15. SJP

    The Kobe thread got me thinking......

    Yes - you live close to Park City?
  16. SJP

    The Kobe thread got me thinking......

    I have had this week on my calendar for years. This year it just worked out that the family had to stay home. VRBO a house in Utah and ride my snowboard all day. I would like to be 80 someday and still snowboard.
  17. SJP

    Az state bmx

    I am around often but anytime you want to pick up I can have someone grab for you. I can probably get it down to Maxed Out or Barrett Marine for you to will call. I want you to get the bike as soon as possible on your schedule. You will need to re gear for your track and your boys level. Welcome...
  18. SJP

    Sailing Hawks "Coves"

    wooo weee - looks like they are going to be pretty chill places.
  19. SJP

    Pool almost done!

    Looks great - you guys are going to enjoy having a pool.
  20. SJP

    That One Thing Your Wife Does...

    She is absolutely perfect and does nothing wrong.