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    Bud Light partners with trans activist

  2. CarolynandBob

    PSA........I was hacked yesterday!!

    I am usually on here early as I am in the east side of the country. I think Angler and I report most of the gummy shit. I am only on in the morning, so not sure, but how long does it take for a moderator to take them down? Do moderators get alerted when someone reports or do they have to go in a...
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    Succeed or Fail?

    Do they give a discount if you are carrying too?
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    Pics from my local Golf Cart Show.

    Have you had the Yuengling Flight? If so, how was it? I didn't like the Yuengling Light
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    Ah my beloved F-14 with the phoenix missiles on the belly? I was an F-14 ordnance man.
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    Current Situation - a picture thread

    Spent a month in Leavenworth. We worked camped for a month at the fish hatchery. It was cool, but we decided work camping wasn't for us. I was tired of German food when we left.
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    Parker area rattle snake whisperer

    That's what I do
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    Naples, FL Condo with a Slip and Lift

    Timing is funny. My wife was just suggesting we buy a condo in Naples. Not on the water but close. Have 2 brothers that live there. One in a condo sub 500k and one on the water at about 1.5 mil. Uncle lost his whole house in Ian, but he is pretty wealthy, so just went and bought another. Wife...
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    Bringing some Facebook to Rdp

    Alaska. I have the same pic. I laughed when I saw it. Don't remember which city. We went to Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway
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    And just like that; H&K is the bud light of guns

    Adidas said hold my BL https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12098493/Adidas-accused-trying-erase-women-using-biological-male-model-WOMENS-swimwear.html
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    You have been kidnapped...

    Bobby Flay, so I will stay kidnapped.
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    And now... They are coming for your sandwiches

    We try really hard to not eat processed food. It is more work, but I think we feel better for it.
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    Tattoo cover up

    Got one when I was in the Navy that I regretted. Had it removed with a laser back in the 90's. Man did that hurt.
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    How To Fix Tennis Elbow

    I have had it a number of times. This is the only thing that works for me.
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    Saturday nights movie picks

    I wish I could chill on the couch for a couple of days. I am retired but, just too hyper to sit. I can make it through 1 movie or nascar race.
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    Well that hurt. Need some diesel advice.

    I have the bx2680 and came close to doing what you did. Scared me enough that I rented a skid steer to finish the job. I wish I had a bigger tractor, but the area I have to bush hog is too narrow for a larger one. Glad you are ok.
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    MOVIE: Air (Nike Air Jordan)

    Saw it and thought it was good.
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    Whitewater rafting?

    Have been to Kern twice. Both great trips with a group of 8. No one got hurt. Went to the snake river up near Jackson Hole. Cold but great. Went in the smoky mtn's and was good. Didn't care for the guide on that one.
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    Bud Light partners with trans activist

    Buy it and fill out the form and show the receipt and then return it? I wouldn't do that but an idea anyway. If $15 gets you to loosen your morals then you don't have any.
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    Bud Light partners with trans activist

    I am assuming AB paid to have the trucks wrapped for a certain period of time and the distributer signed a contract with AB. Probably can't change it without costing a bunch of money. Although, keeping your employees safe is the responsibly of the owner. IF something happened to the employee...