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  1. Apex svt

    Memorial day weekend

    Successful weekend, got to shake down the Mean Streak since we fixed it and put it away without running it last fall. Spent the second day out on the cruiser, wired in a new Bluetooth stereo underway. For being a boater I can’t handle being in the cabin for long periods when underway. Sea...
  2. Apex svt

    7.3 peeps

    Buy it for sure.
  3. Apex svt

    Interior vinyl cleaner

    Spray 9 and whatever protector you want. Buy it at any auto part store.
  4. Apex svt

    Boating content - MTI Fun Run to Hawks Kay Fl.

    Awesome! Been showing the fam the video. They both said it looks like it sucks there lol.
  5. Apex svt

    Blown BBC Water Pressure

    20’s when running. Idle 2-4. Bottom left gauges.
  6. Apex svt

    Backpack cooler - Friend is starting a biz

    Made it to IL in no time. This thing is sweet, fits my work iPad in the front pouch. Koosie’s and stickers were a cool bonus!
  7. Apex svt

    Another warning : Boating material

    525EFI standard sierra. Every 2ish years. KE twin stage. Pretty much every year. Those things eat impellers. But also keep tools and spares on the boat. Changed these on the water many of times.
  8. Apex svt

    Gale Banks compound motor

    Is this a turbo design I’ve never seen? Why is the cold side inlet plumbed to the intake of the motor?
  9. Apex svt

    How Does One Get Into Performance Boating?

    Thanks for the shout out brother, if it wasn’t for these boats we wouldn’t have ever met! We’re only 156 short days away from the reunion! Make sure captain chaos has the Tiger ready.
  10. Apex svt

    How Does One Get Into Performance Boating?

    My father was always into cars and boats. Grew up with both and it’s a hobby we’ve done together our whole lives. I’ve always been heavily interested/involved in drag racing and boats. Had the opportunity to work for (now one of my best friends) Motorsports shop. Got hands on with very high...
  11. Apex svt

    Christmas Tree Tear Down🤬

    Just went through this, total mess. I swept the carpet to get most of them into a pile to scoop with a pan then vacuum after that. Then, I let the tree know how thrilled I was to clean up.
  12. Apex svt

    Favorite cars you have had

    Sonic Blue 03 Cobra. Have had it since 2013. Factory blower 6spd car. Got the 60’ into the 1.4’s this year.
  13. Apex svt

    Boat Problem

    Correct, the two plugs. Two wide ones would be mefi 3/4 computer. Dang, sounds like that isn’t it. Worth a shot to try and clean them up. You said you jumped the relay and it worked but have you tried putting a new relay in? Pull one from the other motor or swap the ignition relay. Depending...
  14. Apex svt

    Boat Problem

    Had this exact thing happen. Probably a long shot but pull the plugs/clamshells off the mefi box. Some how water seeped past the weather pack and caused signal to go haywire. How water even got back there I still don’t know. But dried/brake cleaned/greased. Fixed.
  15. Apex svt

    The single best Truck?

    A 7.3 would be hard to beat as far as reliability and a good tow truck. Yes, they lack power by todays standards. But they are somewhat easy to work on, run forever and look good (I think). Unless you’re pulling real heavy they have plenty of power to pull. And get decent fuel mileage with a...
  16. Apex svt

    best hotel and location for LOTO in May?

    I’d definitely recommend renting a few different spots to get the lay of the land. Everything varies down there a lot! Find the most important “needs”, certainly give and take everywhere you go. Rob and us are maybe 10miles apart but couldn’t be more different. He has a super nice flat lot...
  17. Apex svt

    Twin Outboards

    Looks like he’s got a Lenco installed
  18. Apex svt

    Backpack cooler - Friend is starting a biz

    Ordered! Thanks
  19. Apex svt

    Cool hitch

    When did you buy it? Mine has been In service for a year, powder coat is off the ball. The old man’s has been in service for 4 years, little to no wear. I grease it up so not to worried, but now I’m curious if something changed on the powder process.
  20. Apex svt

    Cool hitch

    I went the Bulletproof route. Solid steel, pins hold it in place, easy adjustability, rated 22k, good tolerances. Less moving parts the better. I had aluminum rapid hitches, they get worn out and sloppy. Buddy has a badass B&W, it’s now worn out and sloppy. Bulletproof still the same as...