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  1. OGShocker

    Winter Blast 2021

    If the WPA cancels, it had nothing to do with us selling our house.
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    Notable posters from days gone bye

    How many old folks can remember half of these names?
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    Holding the line when faced with racism:

    I want to rent one, pack it with Patriots, lable it ANTIFA, and drive to a hotspot and wait for those fools to open the door. Am I wrong?
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    Just wanted to say hello.

    You miss me...LOL. I hope all is well with you and yours!
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    Tonneau Covers - Bak Flip

    https://ahmotorsports.com/home/ The best in the business.
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    Just wanted to say hello.

    so.... Hello, y'all!
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    The cancer word....

    I just returned to the office following my trip to the hospital. The girls are doing fine in the waiting room, enjoying each other. I've known you for 40+ years. I've seen your highs and lows, and I know how strong you've had to be on multiple occasions. You've got this. I am proud of the job...
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    Palomar Solar Gives Back

    Andy and the folks at Palomar lowered our power bill from $1,000.00 to $1.40 per month. Way to pay back, Andy. Very cool!!!
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    Happy Birthday OG Shocker

    Thank you, RDPeeps! You guys are all right!
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    No matter How Much

    I will find you... LMAO!!!
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    No matter How Much

    You know what? JYRuiz was at my home and hijacked my account. I can't wait to roofie him. Never trust!!! Fucking liberals.
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    No matter How Much

    All I did was lent it out one night, not this, WTF, I need some aloe.
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    No matter How Much

    cream i put on my butt, it still itches, i don't know what i sat on, but I am tired of scratching my butt. What do you guys use on your butts when it itches furiously?
  14. OGShocker

    2005 Conquest Top Cat II

    http://www.boattrader.com/listing/2005-conquest-boats-top-cat-ii-692852/ Man, Conquest Top Cat II's are a better investment than gold.. LMAO I sold this boat last year for $69,000.
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    NEW! Soft Sided Coolers

    We have had to move the coolers to the back burner. We have 12 packs available, but no new products in the near future.
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    Talk about destorying the river's natural beauty

    You guys have anymore details on this? Main money guy on this project is from Rancho Cucamonga, CA. I know progress is progress, but.... DAMN!
  17. OGShocker

    Large Soft Sided Coolers- whats the recommendation?

    A good method to help ice hold out longer, is to put in a Deep Freezer set to maximum cold setting. Sound silly, but colder ice lasts a lot longer. I learned this trick in Louisiana, on a seven day fishing trip.
  18. OGShocker

    Large Soft Sided Coolers- whats the recommendation?

    Sorry RD, I didn't start this... LOL If you are looking for a larger cooler, we are not there ....YET. We will be selling a 24/36 cooler in the future, just not sure when. Good Luck and good looking out Richie! OGS
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    RDP Members Trust Worthy?

    Dave going all Peace Maker... and shit. :D
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    RDP Members Trust Worthy?

    99% of the people here are good people. We shipped a few coolers prior to payment last year and received 100% of our money. The 1% was some dipshit that requested money to help get his boat off of the bottom of Lake Pyramid. Those of us who tried to help got screwed. Lesson learned.