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  1. outboardrick

    Tishka the Tree Lady?

    Anyone heard/spoken to Tishka, I'm trying to get hold of her and none of her phone numbers are working?
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    I don't post much and have been pretty busy lately. Retired 1 month ago and sold my work home and moved back to Havasu full time last Tuesday. Being busy and without internet for a while due to the move, I haven't been on RDP. So I log in tonight and the first 3 or so posts are the usual dribble...
  3. outboardrick

    Havasu Mail Box Builders

    I need to put up a mail box and see the cool stucco things around town, anyone have a reference to someone that makes them? I don't want just a plain box but don't want to spend $1k on one either.
  4. outboardrick

    Parker Enduro Link....

    Anyone have the SurfRat link for the Enduro?
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    I know I pretty much live under a rock but I've just today read a couple of articles, on a couple of different news feeds, that are calling people on Instagram and FB "Influencers". Kardashion types.... Just who are these dregs "Influencing" and when and where did this term come from?
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    Anyone seeing the Eagles in PHX Saturday? - Not the NFL

    I've had tickets for about a year now and super excited. I saw the last tour about 3 years ago and it was Stellar! So this time around I took out a loan and got 1st row seats.....I'll be right in front of Vince Gill ;)
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    Godspeed Bozo....

    http://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/news/frank-avruch-star-of-%e2%80%98bozo-the-clown%e2%80%99-dies-at-89/ar-BBKyt88?li=BBnbfcL#image=BBHO6dr|3 I'm sure some of you old farts like me grew up watching Bozo :(
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    Ok, You'll Not Believe This.....

    I'm sure a lot of us are Eagles fans, and I got to see them on their last tour (History) before Glen died and had 4th row seats....Absolutely awesome and I never thought I could do that. Now they're coming to Phoenix with Vince Gill filling in ...One of the best vocalist and guitarist of our...
  9. outboardrick

    Whipple ECU Reprogram?

    I see that Whipple is now reprogramming the Merc ECU for the 350Mag, anyone had one done and did it make much difference? I know deep down that it probably isn't worth the price ($690) but it has my curiosity up.
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    So Cruz puts his car in the dirt and the first thing he does is blame his crew chief......Fucking POS!
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    Havasu Handy Man Service?

    My neighbor lady in Havasu is getting old and told me she's afraid she won't be able to take care of things around her house. Do you know anyone that's reliable and honest?
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  13. outboardrick

    Flights from OC to Havasu?

    Does any airline fly into Havasu anymore, preferably from OC or Ontario?
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    And For My 1000th Post.....

    A little boat history..... A friend built this Daytona and his wife picked the colors. When it was popped from the mold my friend call me and said "Rick, you have to help me get out of this boat, the colors are not what we picked and it's butt ugly". I went down to Eliminator with him and saw...
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    I'm watching 9/11 shows on History Channel and am learning things that were not told before. There were many Heroes that we never knew about, Fighter Pilots that were scrambled in unarmed planes that were willing to ram highjacked planes to protect us. So many workers from all over America that...
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    Havasu Rain Gutter Installation?

    Anyone have a recommendation for a rain gutter installation company?
  17. outboardrick

    What, No Olympics Thread? Let Me Start One...

    First, I'd like to say how much better the commercials are than the Super Bowl. I watched the Opening Ceremonies and thought how cool it was to see the small countries athletes enthusiasm, as well as most others. One guy cried as he entered the arena, it made me tear up as well. :thumbsup
  18. outboardrick

    Ali Has Died....

    I'm one of the most racist guys you'll ever meet but he was one of my heroes.
  19. outboardrick

    Dog Memorials.....

    With so many of us losing our friends lately I though it would be appropriate to remember them. This is Woody, more human than most people....it's been 2 months since he collapsed and took his last breaths in my arms. Woody, 12/26/2004 - 3/14/2016. Post up your pics.
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    Hey SJP......

    Are you as excited as you sounded? I hope you love your new purchase, and I know how excited I was when I got it also :thumbsup Let me know when I should mark my add as sold :D