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  1. Tooms22

    Last minute Friday Havasu stay

    So we're likely going to grab a new to us boat in Phoenix tomorrow (Coming from Corona) and head straight to Havasu. We just wanted to stay one night but the wife isn't super excited about Motel 6/Quality Inn level places. We have a dog. Nautical and Heat are booked. Any pet friendly spots...
  2. Tooms22

    Boat market is too high, so LAM!

    We sold the boat in June and at the current prices, we can't justify buying another one. So I went out and got a 2020 Dodge Charger Scat Pack Widebody! I got it tinted and I'm done with modifications. The exhaust is definitely loud for stock. Cold starts make my day.
  3. Tooms22

    LED Cup Holders

    I want to buy some LED cup holders. What is the best brand? Also, this won't be for a boat. It will be for an outdoor project. I will wiring into a low voltage wire for landscape lighting. I think it should be fine but what do the inmates think?
  4. Tooms22

    Azusa Fire

    Fire growing quick in Azusa. I can see it from Irvine.
  5. Tooms22

    [SOLD] 2014 Ford Fusion Energi Titanium

    - 75,250 miles - Great Condition - About 6500 miles on new tires - Second owner - Comes with 120v charger - Sunroof - Tinted windows $9500 Tyler 7I4-38I-O649
  6. Tooms22

    Flying Flags

    So I went from Corona to Huntington Beach and back on the fourth flying the American and Thin Blue Line Flag on my truck. I only got flipped off by one car of stoner looking guys. But, lots of people supported the flags. This Saturday we're likely going to a country concert in Ventura. I like...
  7. Tooms22

    Wind this weekend in Havasu

    Wind is making it look like a shitty weekend on the water. I need a bigger boat. I guess I'll just pull a "DCB", launch at the marina, and hang out in the channel 😡
  8. Tooms22

    Drew Brees... be prepared to be "cancelled"

    For having a reasonable opinion. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/drew-brees-faces-backlash-from-teammates-others-in-nfl-and-around-sports-for-anthem-protest-comments/
  9. Tooms22

    Anybody like Ben & Jerry's?

  10. Tooms22

    Trump Statement

    I just listened to the whole thing. Pretty solid 👍 If mayors and governors can't protect residents. The military will be deployed.
  11. Tooms22

    I never thought I'd find myself agreeing with Obama

    "On the other hand, the small minority of folks who’ve resorted to violence in various forms, whether out of genuine anger or mere opportunism, are putting innocent people at risk, compounding the destruction of neighborhoods that are often already short on services and investment and detracting...
  12. Tooms22

    [SOLD] 2001 Team Hawaiian 23' Cat

    New 460 with approximately 15 hours (finished and installed August 2019) Bravo 1 outdrive 23p 4 blade Hydromotive prop 2 batteries New stereo - 4 Wet Sounds 6.5s, one 10" sub, one amp New interior lighting New digital hour meter New oil pressure gauge and sender Full cover Dual axle trailer...
  13. Tooms22

    Posted in the new classifieds and it disappeared

    I posted my boat for sale in the new classifieds section. Now, I don't see it anymore. Is there some sort of approval process? Is my boat too small for RDP classifieds? Too slow?
  14. Tooms22

    Anyone know their mezcal?

    I've been dabbling in mezcal lately and have bought a couple bottles (tasting at bars and restaurants isn't much of an option right now). One is borderline liquid smoke and the other is relatively mild. I definitely prefer the mild. So before I burn another $50-75 on an uneducated purchase...
  15. Tooms22

    Cattail Cove

    I've see some reports of Windsor limiting the number of people launching/using the park. Does anyone have an update on Cattail Cove? My wife and I prefer some of the coves and beaches down there anyway.
  16. Tooms22

    Headed out to Lake SideYard tonight

    The boat ran great. And by “boat” I mean the stereo and interior lights 😂 These “shelter at home” times are killing my early season boating.
  17. Tooms22

    Guns and Ammo

    I don't "need" any more guns and ammo. I'm just bored, stuck at home, and want to fill the safe 👍 With that being said, all of the websites seem to be out of stock or extremely delayed. Being in California is great because ammo has to go through an FFL now. Palmetto State Armory even says...
  18. Tooms22

    No Speed Limit for Semis in CA?

    So I did a turn around trip to 40/95 exit to pick up a 1/4 steer from @wash11 and his wife. California speed limit for semi trucks is 55. They're usually pretty good about staying around 60ish. Today, I swear every single semi I saw was going 65+. Is there some unspoken non-enforcement going...
  19. Tooms22

    OC Shut Down

  20. Tooms22

    Truck Horn Problem

    My neighbor called me and said hey your truck (2004 F350) horn is just going off. Not the alarm, just the normal horn. Luckily, I was close to home. So, I have a train horn wired in that has been fine for close to six years. In order to avoid it going off again, I've just pulled the fuse. This...