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  1. outboardrick

    Whats everyone paying for SiriusXM?

    I just renewed my subscription for the boat online.... If you click the "cancel" button it will come up and give you the offer for about $60 a year. When they charged my card I saw an additional "music fee" charge for $12.
  2. outboardrick

    Body found in the channel this morning

    I don't think so.... I was down walking and the body looked to be male, just curled up on the sand out of the water. When I saw the cops just standing around I assumed it was deceased.
  3. outboardrick

    Dad’s final voyage

    That's amazing! My condolences for your loss.
  4. outboardrick

    NHRA Racing from Indy on KTTV 11

    Anyone see Steve Torrence say he has a pic of Michael Jordan in his car because it inspires him? Was that his nod to BLdM? He can't have a pic of Audie Murphy, maybe Pat Tillman? I never really liked the guy but respected his performance. Fuck,fuck,fuck that POS!!!
  5. outboardrick

    Lost my Bob

    I hate these threads, I always cry because I know too well how much it hurts. My best wishes to you.
  6. outboardrick

    mike kuhl passed

    Damn.... Mike did the machine work on my first jet boat motor and then a 392 Hemi I had, he even called me "392 Rick" when I'd see him. Visited that old shop he had in Santa Ana many times. He had a good run and MANY accomplishments.
  7. outboardrick

    Anyone looking for a Duplex in Havasu?

    Yes, I'm just across the wash from you and down a little.
  8. outboardrick

    Dads 98th Bday

  9. outboardrick

    Launch ramps this weekend?

    Hey Paul, I saw you out flying early yesterday morning. I was cruising up to Topock as you were flying down river, about 0600.
  10. outboardrick

    Anyone looking for a Duplex in Havasu?

    I live on North Palo Verde and there are some areas that are R3, so it may possibly be the same where WTG is.
  11. outboardrick

    Anyone looking for a Duplex in Havasu?

    I thought there was a city ordinance regulating rentals to a certain number of days out of the month? You're just up the street from me and we have rental zoning in places, maybe you have the same?
  12. outboardrick

    Recommended service for a playcraft I/O

    I've used Prestige for the 15 years I've owned mine, never disappointed.
  13. outboardrick

    My Grandpa

    That's awesome, thank you for sharing! My Dad was in the Philippine's, and was quite decorated, and did not talk about it. I think it's just the way they were, just did their jobs.
  14. outboardrick


    I was able to visit Arlington, it is very emotional and impossible to explain just how huge it is.
  15. outboardrick

    FYI windsor access this weekend

    I thought the guy that set up his BBQ truck in the West Marine parking lot was brilliant! Not so much now......
  16. outboardrick

    My Placecraft Jet Boat build is finally on the water.

    Bad Ass!! I had a Placecraft with 392 Hemi for years.
  17. outboardrick

    Are you going to Quarantine??

    I hate people, so this is all a huge bonus for me ;)
  18. outboardrick

    dogs siezure........

    So sorry for your loss, but what an awesome job you did for taking him in and giving him peaceful final days. I really think about doing this but don't know if I could stand the heartache.
  19. outboardrick

    Need the Inmate's help, please!

    Done.... But those Hedgehogs and Alpacas were damn cute!