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  1. RiverDave

    Article: Prime Marine 1971 Schiada FlatBottom Rig

    You can view the page at http://www.riverdavesplace.com/forums/content.php?219-Prime-Marine-1971-Schiada-FlatBottom-Rig
  2. Prime Marine

    New Prime Marine Shirts

    Here is the artwork for our new shirts. We hope to have tehm for sale at the Irvine Lake V-Drive Regatta. Prime Marine
  3. whiteworks

    current address for prime marine

    What is the current address for prime marine, my phone is taking me on a wild goose chase
  4. NoDoz

    Prime Marine HTM 24?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6FmqUd2ymk&feature=feedf couldn't find the pix from the thread that was posted a while ago but is this the HTM 24 that Prime Marine was building?
  5. Streetmoto

    Prime Marine

    Hey guys, mostly a lurker but wanted to take a minute to give props to Prime Marine. My brother, dad and I are rigging up a Howard 26 Cat and needed help with a couple major tasks. (Post on the build here): https://www.riverdavesplace.com/forums/threads/new-2003-26-howard-cat.185977/ While...
  6. RiverDave

    Prime Marine - Connolly

    ...about you guys this week didn't ya.. :D I have a disc with probably a 1000 pics on it, and I'm having some trouble going through and organizing which builds are which. I'll be adding to all the threads posted so far the further we get into it. This weeks Prime Marine Boat - Connolly
  7. OldSchoolBoats

    Bad ass Cat at Prime Marine

    Was dropping off the boat at J&J this morning and saw this bad boy over at Prime Marine.
  8. RiverDave

    Article: Prime Marine Push Button Shift / Twin Turbo Schiada - Boat MFG

    You can view the page at http://www.riverdavesplace.com/forums/content.php?160-Prime-Marine-Push-Button-Shift-Twin-Turbo-Schiada-Boat-MFG
  9. H2OBOZO

    210 Hallett/Prime Marine Dash Re-Fresh

    Wanted to give a BIG Thanks to the GUY?S @ Prime Marine?:thumbsup This last Winter I took my 2000 210 Hallett open bow to Prime Marine for some needed work/improvements. One thing I wanted most was to have Mike redo the dash. I really didn?t like the old look of the dash and gauges and just...
  10. Deception88

    Connolly Boat at Prime Marine

    Here are the latest pics I got from Mike down at Prime Marine of our boat.... Gettin' There!!!
  11. Blytheonian

    2008 Schiada 21'RC built by Prime Marine

    UPDATED 6/27/2018. 2006/2008 Schiada 21' River Cruiser built by Prime Marine. All the best, True custom piece. Full service just finished @ Prime 3/15.Maintained with open checkbook. Not in water since Feb 2015, motor rolled monthly. Save time and money on pride of authorship(2 years...
  12. Prime Marine

    Prime Marine Rogers 19'

    Just wanted to share some photos of a Rogers project we are finishing up at the moment. Here are some pics of the transom plate we just finished and the steering/diverter hardware. There are more photos in the Gallery section if you'd like to check it out! Thanks, Mike @ Prime
  13. Prime Marine - VDrive and Custom Installation Experts!

    Prime Marine - VDrive and Custom Installation Experts!

    As President of Prime Marine, I bring 15 years of aftermarket industry experience to marine industry. As a child, I grew up in Cucamonga with a strong interest in the mehanical world alongside my father and grandfather's mechanical skills. I spent a lot of time inside my parents and...
  14. Sharp Shooter

    Prime Marine Visit

    I live 5 minutes from Prime and stopped in on my way home today. These are random shots from inside the shop.
  15. RiverDave

    Prime Marine - Distinct Marine Installations

    Anyone that has been on RDP for the last ten years would know I am a big fan of Prime Marine. They have undoubtedly put out the finest custom boats on the West Coast and do it on the regular. Not only do they do some of the best installation work they always do it with style. Most of the...
  16. RiverDave

    Building a one off 21 V-Drive Trailer (Prime Marine)

    Here are some pics of a trailer Prime Marine is building for a customer. Please note the boat that is on the trailer is not the boat that will end up on it. It is just being used for to fit the trailer to a 21 Schiada V-drive. :) Note it starts as 5 inch box tubing in the front, and...
  17. F

    Custom aluminum swim step ?

    Prime Marine ?
  18. D

    42 Fountain nice paint job.. Ski Race

    Prime Marine...:thumbsup
  19. saucedaddy


    Prime marine in Rancho Concept marine or GT in Upland
  20. RiverDave

    Article: Prime Marine - VDrive and Custom Installation Experts!

    You can view the page at http://www.riverdavesplace.com/forums/content.php?123-v-drive-outboard-mercury-racing-mercury-marine