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  1. racetrash

    Just let us know

    LEO, just let us know when we can help. We are ready.
  2. racetrash

    Subzero fridge ice maker

    Any gurus here? Ice maker stopped working, just makes a clunking noise. Replaced the water filter and defrosted the freezer yesterday. Heard it fill up, spit some cubes out, There is ice in it now, just wont drop them. Pete
  3. racetrash

    Off road peeps

    Just saw today that Jeff Quinn passed away. He was the owner of Mckenzies for a long time, and a friend of mine since he worked at Small car specialties on Beach & Orangethorpe. RIP my brother.
  4. racetrash

    Our girl Kiana was put to rest today

    Loved our little girl more than most people.
  5. racetrash

    Anyone into desert tortoise ??

    Need to rehome 4 tortoise, in CA. Moving to AZ, and cannot take them. You will need to get the proper permits to have them, but easy to do. Pete
  6. racetrash

    45 for 380 ammo

    I have 2 boxes of 45 tulammo fmj, looking to trade for 380 fmj. I'm in Parker, thanks, Pete
  7. racetrash


    I have 4 33x12.50x15 mud terrain km2. 90% plus tread. They were on my buggy for 300 miles. No plugs or patches, no rock rash. Asking $750 OBO. Yucca Valley or Parker. Pete 7142706711ol
  8. racetrash

    2 seat buggy

    Selling this older but nice 2 seater. Irs, 002 bus box. Older susp seats with 5 point belts. Needs motor and battery, comes with bill of sale. Ran this with my spare 2 liter and it scooted. Trans feels good with feels like short 3rd and 4th. Asking 1600. Pete 7142706711
  9. racetrash

    Truck toolbox

    Came with the trailer i just got with my new toy. Retails for 875. Asking 500 really nice shape with 1 key for lock. Pete 714 270 6711
  10. racetrash

    New to us

    New addition to the stable. Just cant drink the golf cart kool aid, yup, I'm a buggy dork!
  11. racetrash

    LA mayors followers showing there mentality

    Blocked 101, 2 CHP units attacked, good job fucktard liberals!!
  12. racetrash

    Predator dual sport car

    Anybody by chance have one?? Trying to find the vin on one I just picked up. 5 seater, md4, turbo subi moter. Thanks, Pete
  13. racetrash

    Shit show mothers day

    So mom passed last june, so this is the first mothers day without her. Sorta bummed, but 83 years was a good run. Wife just went to the mailbox, and sure enough, here is her 1200 dollar stimulas check made out to me and her. I am the successor trustee. Looking forward to the shit show I've gotta...
  14. racetrash

    AZ MVD

    Trying to get the last of our vehicles plated in AZ, and WOW! what a clusterfuck. New system, they don't want office visits, "everything can be done on your cell phone" Wife had to make an "emergency appointment" for next monday, after HOURS on the phone with MVD. Beware, new system makes CA...
  15. racetrash

    Local news channels

    Turned off the local news, the talking pie holes, last friday. Life has been better.
  16. racetrash

    End in sight??

    When in the eff is Doucey going to end this bullshit??
  17. racetrash

    Algodonas, MX

    Anyone know if the border there is open? Getting low on my arthritis meds.
  18. racetrash

    Parker MVD

    Need to change our last vehicles to AZ plates, do we need to make an appointment or is it walk in?
  19. racetrash

    E-mail to Gov Doucey

    Easy to do, just asked him to open up AZ, said our businesses are dying.
  20. racetrash

    Need a vw pink and pan #s

    Looking for a pink and #s for a buggy i have, so i can get a plate in parker.