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    MUST READ.. A message to Kate Brown!!

    Lars Listener sent in a poem written by his little sister as a message to Governor Kate Brown. I think the words work well Written by: Kala Cota IF… If only you had done the right thing Knowing the devastation fire brings But instead, you smirked and turned your back You failed us all...
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    Our town is burning down!

    Mother nature is making a statement! "Burn our country down" she says "I'll do that for you" @n2otoofast4u is going to have to evacuate his house! Our house has been without power for 24hrs now! We left the river last night and they had the road blocked and said we couldnt get to our house...
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    CNN 🤣

    Fukn idiots. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2020/08/28/us/kenosha-wisconsin-protest-shooting-victims/index.html
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    Ingredient in insect repellent can kill Covid-19, MoD study finds Danielle Sheridan The TelegraphAugust 26, 2020, 9:00 AM Dstl has shared the research in the hope that it 'acts as the foundation for other scientific bodies' An ingredient in insect repellent can kill Covid-19, a study by the...
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    The truth is finally coming out..

    The "peaceful protesters" are gonna be mad!! Play on the wrong side of the law and shit can go south in a hurry.. And people that do play know there may be consequences to there actions/involvement.. seems to be the case here...
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    Jack plate?

    Got a buddy looking for a jack plate for his out board. Just wondering if anyone here has one laying around they want to sell?
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    Soo.. what do we call these now?

    Berries of color?
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    WTB SBC headers

    Got a buddy looking to find a set of over transom headers for a small block chevy. If anyone has a set laying around let me know! Thanks!
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    Perfect Havasu pad?

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    Lock down...

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    How many can say....

    ...pull the boat out of the water, then chill and watch a movie? Tonight is Goonies! Launch ramp where we put in circled in red..
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    9/11 memorial flagpole..

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    My wife just showed me this so I had to take a pic.. never even looked or paid attention before.. 2020 Quarter with bats on it.. kind of interesting!!
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    We need more of this!!

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    But will they come back?

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    You guys are next on the mandated mask list!! Only a matter of time! https://www.lhcaz.gov/news/article/mask-up-lake-havasu-city
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    I found a ROPE! Well It could be tied into A.. Fake noose!!
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    Floyds lawer..

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    We need to buy this guy a beer! Too..

    Watch "IMAGINE if she was WHITE" on YouTube