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  1. racetrash

    RDP group shoot/ training?

    If possible, list the cost of the class, and the fingerprinting. 2 envelopes, 1 for the class, 1 for the fingerprinting. Cash, exact change, no problem!
  2. racetrash

    RDP group shoot/ training?

    Looking forward to the CCW class, wife and I are in.
  3. racetrash

    Parker MVD

    You can walk in and make an appointment, better than the phone hassle.
  4. racetrash

    Does Anyone Have Experience in How to Get title to Abandoned Vehicles?

    There are 3rd party people that can do vin verification. Call around to some tow yards.
  5. racetrash

    Does Anyone Have Experience in How to Get title to Abandoned Vehicles?

    Find someone/shop that can lien sale them.
  6. racetrash

    RDP group shoot/ training?

    Wife and I, open for anytime.
  7. racetrash

    Just let us know

    LEO, just let us know when we can help. We are ready.
  8. racetrash

    Bluewater Casino to open Sept 14th.

    So let me guess, walk in with a mask and let the Crit fuck me in the ass. FUCK THE CRIT!
  9. racetrash

    Visitor last night

    They eat alot of bugs, scary ugly but good.
  10. racetrash

    RDP group shoot/ training?

    Lets set a date in October...wife and I are in!
  11. racetrash

    RDP group shoot/ training?

    RDP class for CCW would be cool.
  12. racetrash

    Free Honda ATC 110...Now what?

    Dr atv for parts
  13. racetrash

    Auto meter guages

    That is a smoking deal!!
  14. racetrash

    Subzero fridge ice maker

    Any gurus here? Ice maker stopped working, just makes a clunking noise. Replaced the water filter and defrosted the freezer yesterday. Heard it fill up, spit some cubes out, There is ice in it now, just wont drop them. Pete
  15. racetrash

    Stars and Stripes

    Well arn't you special, wanna come out to the desert???
  16. racetrash

    CRIT sales tax

    Fuck the Crit, fuck those fat greasy fucktards.
  17. racetrash

    Parker PSA

    Were they targeting people with boats? or everybody.
  18. racetrash

    Off road peeps

    Just saw today that Jeff Quinn passed away. He was the owner of Mckenzies for a long time, and a friend of mine since he worked at Small car specialties on Beach & Orangethorpe. RIP my brother.
  19. racetrash

    Where does everyone like to stay in Havasu?

    Parker also, love being a parkerbilly cause we own our little place. Walk to the Sandbar, The Bar, launch at La Paz or Pirates for free, and never on the weekends.
  20. racetrash

    Our girl Kiana was put to rest today

    Thank you everyone...going to take awhile to get over this. My true friends are here. Pete & Jan