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    South Florida Tarpon

    I can't take any credit for this catch, but this is a picture of my nephew and a fresh 'poon he caught fishing the bridges in So. Florida. I WILL say it must have something to do with genetics though! 😁
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    Escape from the Heatwave; Dana Point!

    Good morning! We took a break, loaded up the big boys and a truckload of gear and hopped on a boat out of Dana Point! Wish us luck! 😎
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    Kamala Harris was NOT a Cop. Period.

    The media is touting this candidate and ex-attorney as being the "Top Cop." Again, they couldn't be further from the truth. Kamala Harris is not and never was a cop. She was a prosecuting attorney and therefore, a lawyer. Plain and simple. Kamala Harris did not attend a law enforcement...
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    Sturgis and BLM Protesters

    How many protestors do you think will show up in Sturgis, South Dakota this week? 🤣
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    Mercury Outboard Parts Near L.A.

    Good morning Churchgoers! 😁 Can you give me a lead on a place to pick up some Mercury parts? Trying to avoid the online route if at all possible. Just need an impeller kit and some thermostats for a 2.5 200hp motor. Thank you in advance!
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    As if the Mayor of Atlanta has Nothing Else.....

    ...to focus on, she makes this a priority?? 🤔 https://www.11alive.com/article/news/local/bottoms-creates-advisory-council-to-channel-entrepreneurial-spirit-of-youth-in-atlanta/85-a477c3a6-a583-4b23-97b0-9b6bda4c57d2 Sounds more like "Control and restrictions" to me. Thoughts?
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    F U AT&T! 🤬

    Yes, this is a callout thread. Unbeknownst to me, some guys were out working on an Edison pole located on our property. OK, not a big deal as it's happened numerous times in the past (Edison, H&M, Spectrum, etc.) I'm typically home most days, so when guys DO show up to work, I'm overly...
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    Boat Insurance....Thank you to Andy01!

    A huge thank you to you Sir! I truly appreciate the level of professionalism you displayed and am thankful you were able to help me out. 👍 I bought a 19' Daytona from Community a few weeks back and was planning to insure it with my current insurance company. I already have several vehicles...
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    19' Daytona Project.... Continued!

    This is the boat I picked up from Community while we were out in Parker over the Father's Day weekend. I will start off by saying that I am really happy with this purchase and I am looking forward to working on and enjoying this boat. It will be a Parker boat and may end up down on the Lower...
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    My Father's Day Gift to Myself! 😁

    Good morning! I picked up a little hotrod over the weekend (Thank you Community!), and spent the weekend looking things over and doing a little spring cleaning. I took this picture on Father's Day morning and thought it was pretty cool. Thank you again to Gary, Tim at "Dirty Deeds" and...
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    Contra Costa School District Cancels LEO Contract

    I just read this article and it's ridiculous how far this shit has gone. I don't live anywhere near here, so I don't have a dog in the fight. It just baffles me what lengths people are willing to go to just to get on this bandwagon...
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    Newscum Dictating Future CA Police Practices?

    I dont have much information yet, but heard Newscum made a statement about what he referred to as "The Stranglehold." He stated this "Technique" is being addressed with POST and he is proposing the removal of this control hold from the training curriculum of law enforcement officials. Newscum...
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    Stoopid Are Protesters

    Yeah, F the Plocie! 🤣
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    Smog/Computer Question.

    Good afternoon Folks! I am looking for some mechanical/electrical advice from the head honcho mechanics on the boards. Here's my dilemna. My truck is due for a smog check at a "Star" center. No big deal. I head over to a local shop and present my registration paperwork. He replies and...
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    Non-Trump Supporter Claims Trump is Racist

    Not a news flash or anything, but something that happened to my wife, which I thought was interesting. My wife went to work yesterday and was chatting with one of the contracted employees whom she works with. This person is a janitor and he likes to chat it up with all of the ladies in the...
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    Newscum: Why The Change of Heart?

    So, I watched about 10 seconds of his address.... Why the sudden change of heart? Previously, him and other politicians broadcast that we would be slowly returning to this "New Normal" bullshit the Dems are pushing for. It seemed to me that this return to normal was going to be drawn out for...
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    CA REALLY Sux!

    After spending the last four days in God's country enjoying the beautiful sunny, warm desert weather......we come back to L.A. and wake up to THIS??? 🤬 I'm blaming Newscum for this crap! 😁
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    Callout Thread.

    Stop throwing lit cigarette butts out of your vehicle.
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    Kayleigh McEnany

    How can you NOT love her! 😁 Taking it to the media like a BOSS! 😂
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    Coronavirus Testing

    My test results and my wife's test results both came back negative this afternoon. 😎 The test was provided by my employer who also extended this opportunity to immediate family members for a small fee. I am happy because it puts my wife's mind a little more at ease. I didn't really care one...