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    DCB's new M37R Hits the Water!

    He got a pretty significant discount!
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    Fire in Corona....

    We were evacuated.
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    Fire in Corona....

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    M37 Build?

    Tell Kris to show that thing off!
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    M37 Build?

    Any updates? I know they're testing this week at elsinore.
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    100 Octane Pump and Mussel fee sticker

    Also a gas station in San berdo thats sells it at the pump. Corona has it at cfn but you need to have a card account with them
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    Speed of Sound / perfectpairm41

    He hasn’t worked for shit! He sits back and collects a check and let’s everyone know he’s self made. Sounds about right.
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    (Sold) 2013 Super Air Nautique G23 PCM 450. Low Hours!!

    best surf boat around and a good deal
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    Nordics latest Ski race rig!

    bridge to bridge is a rad race!
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    Nordic 27 Thor

    Looking at one. Just wondering if anbody has any info on them. Do they have a bad hop and how they handle compared to a daytona.
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    Ceramic window tint on windshield, anyone?

    250-300$ best thing ever all my cars have it
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    2017 MB Sports F21 TOMCAT

    Damn it! This won't last at that price.
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    Canyon lake

    1-1:30 hrs with traffic
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    Hallett Vector [no longer for sale]

    is there room to move the front seat up to put a bench in or 2 rear buckets?
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    Looking for a starter boat

    Lets see it!
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    Best lunch spot in Parker...?

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    Hallett Vector

    find me one!
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    Hey LAM! I got a new boat. Please don’t hate me.

    Don't apologize at all! I have a big boat and a tow boat and your kids will have a better time in the MB. Enjoy!