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    Chrome Plating

    Hey all you RDPers, Do any of you know of a good chrome plating shop around Upland? Thanks
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    Parker Strip water level

    Does anybody know if the water level is down this weekend? Thanks for your time
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    Car Shipping

    Does or anyone here ship cars? I want to ship a Jeep to Denver form Upland Ca. In January. Happy Holidays and thanks in advance.
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    Lake Jodie

    Hey RDPers any of you know anything about Lake Jodie in Newbury Springs? Thanks in advance
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    Boat upholstery guy Pasadena area

    Does anybody know of a good boat upholstery guy in the Pasadena area? My friend has an older ski boat that needs some luvin! The boat has NO roll bar or ballast. Thanks for your time
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    Car over the side

    Did any of you see the car over the side and on fire in Parker Sunday afternoon? It seemed like there was an old retaining wall at the waters edge which stopped the car from going in. Completely engulfed When we got there via the water. I'm hoping the driver and passengers got out?
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    Red Hot Chili Peppers

    Holy shit! Saw them last night and what a performance! Those guys are awesome!
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    Radar detector in AZ

    OK so I was traveling from California to Scottsdale of course on the 10 east. I have a Valentine1 Radar detector. I saw at least 5 Arizona Highway Patrol cars. My detector never went off? Does anyone know if they changed frequencies? I make this trip every year and it has always alerted me...
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    Red Hot Chili Peppers

    Anybody ever see them live?
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    Trailer re-do

    Who knows the name of that trailer place in Havasu that refurbs boat trailers? Thanks
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    If Trump ran the Parker Strip?

    What type of boat would he have?
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    Parker Strip 10/22

    Anyone see these clowns on the river today?
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    Parker Strip this weekend

    Any of you clowns going to the river this weekend?
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    Huge shout out to Rick McGuire

    Hey all you RDPers. Just wanted to let you know that Rick McGuire from Mcguires Mobile Detailing did a awesome job on my boat this past Thursday. He came to my mobile home when I was on my way and when I got here boat was nice and shiney. His number is 928 916 9467.
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    Looking to rent in the Palm Desert area

    I am looking to rent a furnished place 2 bed 2 bath minimum out in the desert for sept , oct and nov. Any of you guys have anything Ike this ? I will be out there working and don't want to commute. Thanks
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    RDP help sorry non boating

    I am going to Oklahoma for a week this month. Anything I should know? Thanks in advance!
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    Pink Taco

    Tom I have received my pictures from the Halletts in Havasu. I just wanted thank you once again they turned out awesome!!!
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    Mobile Home Contractor

    Hey all I wanted to pass on a number for a guy that helped us remodel/update our mobile in Parker. His name is Bob Ohlms 928 486 9790. He can do just about anything and very responsive. He comes out of Havasu and specializes in mobile homes. :thumbsup
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    Pomona muscle car show

    Thinking about taking my old man there tomorrow and checking it out. Anybody go ?
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    Street legal golf cart

    I am looking for the guy selling the street legal golf cart. Limo 7000.00 Maybe he was out of Carlsbad?? I saw it two days ago but now cannot find the post? Thanks for any help