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    KMG Phantom

    Well, I guess I'd let my 19' Daytona go for $100K. It's a smoking deal! 😁
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    So here's pics of the equipment I need to get rid of:

    In two weeks..... 😁👍
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    South Florida Tarpon

    Yes Sir, from the bridges its typically live bait. Pilchards, mullet or even crabs will get a bite. Down in the Keys you have a million options for catching them. Pick a bridge. 😉 On a boat you can anchor up near a channel and soak live or dead bait. Be ready to toss your anchor line over...
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    Nope. 🤣👍
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    Trumps fault. 😁
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    South Florida Tarpon

    I can't take any credit for this catch, but this is a picture of my nephew and a fresh 'poon he caught fishing the bridges in So. Florida. I WILL say it must have something to do with genetics though! 😁
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    Did you ever sell a boat trailer just to get rid of the boat sitting on it??

    CJ, that looks like a 23' Formula. 😢
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    Let’s get Serious..

    I was JUST going to make a LGBT comment when I saw your post!! Hahahaha!!!
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    Two LAC Sherriffs shot at Blue line in Compton.

    I hate to say this but I think it's going to get a lot worse before it gets any better. I think the end of this year is going to be a shitstorm. 🤔
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    Sexy AF

    Shoulda, coulda woulda! 😁 Think of all the tail you could pull in that beauty!!!
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    Sexy AF

    Bernico builds some of the sexiest and sleekest boats on the water. We don't see a lot of them on the West Coast, but they are absolutely one of the nicest ski race boats out there. Of course it isnt going to meet everyone's wish list or check off every box on "Your" list, but neither does ANY...
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    Jesse James looking for a Schiada

    Gawd damn what an amazing piece! Perfect choice of colors too!! 👍 What's the story on the boats and molds in the background?
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    VIDEO: Suspect Cries Victim For Over 7 Minutes Straight Before Pulling Gun And Shooting Two Cops

    You could see that encounter going sideways pretty much from the get-go. That dude was showing several signs that something was up and things were not going to end well. There is a spot in hell for people like him. POS. Sad deal for the officers who were unnecessarily shot and killed. Damn.
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    hahahaha F'ing CA Imbeciles

    Gotta pay to play! 🤣
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    Ol crazy Nancy

    Well, she IS! 🤣
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    City of Louisville settles civil suit with Breonna Taylor's family for $12 million

    You wouldn't want to taint a great story by including the truth. "C'mon Man!"
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    Boating content, kinda!

    What's with the bicycle frame? What purpose does it serve?? 🧐
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    Jesse James looking for a Schiada

    ....except for a relationship. 😲🤣
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    Two LAC Sherriffs shot at Blue line in Compton.

    That did not seem to be the "Normal" response to a carjacking suspect..... Lots of murdered out Tahoes on that perimeter.