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  1. FreeBird236

    Distance via water

    It's acceptable today @ 447.5' who knows about next week. Bureau of reclamation, Lower Colorado Operations. I usually don't go North much below 447'.
  2. FreeBird236

    Need some help and advise

    My Daughter is Beth-Anne, I'm sure she would share.;)
  3. FreeBird236

    Pool.....evaporation, or leak?

    Nope, you have a leak too.😂
  4. FreeBird236

    TDS is real.....

    Fucken liberal turd.😂 at least he ain't going to back down to that POS.
  5. FreeBird236

    Cancer Sucks - My mommy got hit again

    Prayers for your mom and family.
  6. FreeBird236

    What band reminds you most of the river?

    Lots of great responses, I'll also give Dire Straits an honorable mention.
  7. FreeBird236

    FOX news covers for Soros

    I think it was actually Melissa Francis in the background First saying I don't think we need to bring Soros into this, before Harf chimed in. I wouldn't have thought so but it's being claimed Francis is in favor of progressive DAs.:confused:
  8. FreeBird236

    FOX news covers for Soros

    I saw that today and thought WTF. Wouldn't happen on Tucker.
  9. FreeBird236

    Havasu water softener

    I looked into it a couple years ago, for a standard salt system it was about $600 for the softener and $ 300 for the R.O. You might also need a surge tank @ $50. I've seen adds for a little less and I'm sure you can pay more. I think the whole house filters are about 5 times that to start, but...
  10. FreeBird236

    Feel good video of the day

    Only twice?😂
  11. FreeBird236

    Why Does The Food Suck So Bad At Topock 66?

    Haven't been for awhile, but usually wasn't too bad. So if Chet's not there isn't Chip still around?
  12. FreeBird236

    I think its time to look for a new job....

    Good luck. I'm retired from water, you won't get rich, but a good and usually rewarding career.
  13. FreeBird236

    Possible Hit and Run Near River Lodge.

    I don't remember ever seeing this particular Wildcat around Havasu either, but I don't think the description is all that bad from someone that might not be as familiar with boats as most of us are. It's a similar type hull, full bimini's, some sort of flames or fire on the side and black front...
  14. FreeBird236

    Visitor last night

    Yep sun spider, or solpugid, or vinegaroon. Sometimes aggressive little effers, but not poisonous.
  15. FreeBird236

    I have the news on every morning...

    I might be mistaken, but this might be in jest.
  16. FreeBird236

    I thought I was feeling down before...

    Glad you're okay.
  17. FreeBird236

    Pontoon Repair

    If it's more than Skips can handle, you have Shimmer Marine Pontoon remodeling on the same street, Countryshire. I haven't used them just know they completely rebuild pontoon boats, maybe someone else can chime in.
  18. FreeBird236

    Jimmie Johnson to IndyCar

    Honda and General Motors seem to have a relationship also.;)
  19. FreeBird236

    Snow Birds, CHYNAVIRUS and Havasu

    Our Montana neighbors have delayed their normal Nov. arrival because they wanted to wait for a vaccine, also we were a hot spot compared to them, now however that is reversed, so I don't know.
  20. FreeBird236

    Typing on here is almost impossible...

    I'm using a HP Windows 10 desk top and I can't edit posts, nothing works the same as making corrections in the original post.