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    California man uses Bud Light to put out fire near Vacaville home

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    So, how many new Covid cases are they going to blame on Sturgis?

    I hope everyone goes has a great time and makes it home safe. I'd be more worried about a traffic accident than Covid.
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    Need contractor for small rehab in LV condo

    Purchased last year and finally getting around to doing something. Need: Wallpaper removal/wall repair Needs interior paint through out. Some tile work Approx 1500 ft flooring Interior 8' x 16' dirt atrium that needs finishing, thinking 2x2 pavers. Relocate W/D from garage back to original...
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    Big Cat Poker Run - Cancelled

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    CA and NV Insurance Broker

    Looking for a new broker licensed in CA and NV. Have CA home, boat and 4 autos coming up in June. CA rental that I just renewed. CA river mobile in June, NV home in August, NV Auto in Feb. CA business policy, WC and auto not sure of dates. Thanks in advance.
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    New iPhone SE

    My iPhone 6 decided it didn’t want to play anymore, may have been Covid 19. I picked up a new SE at Costco today. Basically same phone as the 6, however much faster. I just couldn’t justify the additional $800 for the 11. If I need pictures, everyone we hang with has the 11.
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    XFL is over

    XFL Ceases Operations, Terminates Employees Apr 10, 2020 Fri 3:36 PM (CBSNewYork/CBS Local) — It appears the XFL is no more. On Friday morning, the league’s president Jeffrey Pollack held a brief conference call, suspending all day-to-day operations and terminating most employees. No further...
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    So, how many business owners are going into the office tomorrow?

    To figure which suppliers, landlords, utilities, banks, etc., aren't getting paid this month?
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    GM offering 7 year 0% financing with 4 months deferred payments.

    Someone needs to move some vehicles.
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    Sacramento Boat Show Cancelled

    Just got an email that the Sacramento Boat Show has been cancelled. Was to run today through Sunday.
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    Las Vegas Auto Insurance

    We are leaving CA and headed to LV this year. Just picked up a 2012 MB and going to register it in NV. Old folks, no tickets, no accidents. Quote from my agent was for $3,700 through Nationwide. I thought CA was high.
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    Buying a used car in Ca, registering in Nv

    Bought a place in LV in August, moving from Sacramento at some point. We are at the point where we will be flying down monthly to get everything done and have been renting cars. Ran across a one owner MB S550 in Sac, know the owner, showroom condition, perfect LV cruiser. I assume...
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    Car Shopping

    Looking to replace my Audi Q7, 11 years old and it’s time to move on. Looking for something smaller, but want AWD, performance and the creature comforts. Had A Tahoe and a Yukon but have no need for the room. Don’t tow anything as the boat is on a Hydro Hoist and never leaves the Delta. It...
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    LV Contractor Needed - Minor Remodel

    We bought a place in August and are looking for someone to: 1. Relocate W/D from garage back to original location. 2. Possibly add a toilet to a bathroom that currently has a tub and sink, which ajoins a 1/2 bath. 3. Replace LR, DR, 2 Bdrm carpet, tile and laminate with new flooring. Approx...
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    Prescription Drug Prices

    So, having gone through chemo, radiation and surgery, twice, in the last few years, some functions are not working as they used to. Discussed this with my Oncologist and she prescribed one of the male recreation drugs. So I go to my local Walgreens to pick it up, it's not covered under my drug...
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    Where are you planning on living in the future?

    What's the concensus on where we live? 3rd generation Californian and planning my exit. How about you?
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    HVAC Service Las Vegas

    Who is the go to guy in Las Vegas. Recently home purchase, System appears to work fine, just want to have the checkup. Thanks
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    No thread can start with What

    I just tried to start a thread with “What” in the title and it wouldn’t allow me to post it.
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    Nextdoor Posts

    Thought I’d throw a couple of them out from today. ELECTRONIC EXPOSURE What department can help to investigate some type of invincible laser exposure. I have some serious concern from some neighbors. I am having some skin irritation specially when I sit in specific areas of my house. Will...
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    Pulled the trigger in LV

    My wife flew down last week and looked at it, we did a facetime, so I "looked" at it. Opened escrow yesterday with a close of next Friday. I'm flying down Tuesday to meet the inspection folks. Thought is that it gives us a place to see if LV meets our needs. We've been going there for the...