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    Looking for our first RV

    If you took all of the RV's that Steve has owned and put them on a lot, you'd have one of the largest RV dealers in the state.
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    Costco, Sams, Both or neither?

    We are Costco folks, seems to us to be higher end merchandise that Sams. They just opened a Business version that opens at 7:00 am and has a lot of the stuff that we use at home. Saves dealing with the crowds.
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    Pool.....evaporation, or leak?

    I resolved dealing with the fill issue by putting a battery actuated fill valve. During the summer 10 minutes a day, spring and fall 3 minutes a day, off in winter. Water level stays within 1/8 inch. I’m on my second actuator after 20 years.
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    My niece is missing!!

    OP was from February
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    Getting out of CA...

    You are dead on. My grand parents on both sides moved to the land of opportunity from Missouri to CA around 1920. You could buy 10 acres of land suitable for growing Oranges, hence Orangevale, for $100. Worked well for everyone, including myself, however, we’ve been watching a change over the...
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    Scooter gangs in Vegas?

    As I recall Wynn/Encore has a K9 force of 10. That will take a bite out of crime.
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    Feel good video of the day

    Official CHP statement was “Fearing for his safety, the officer began to accelerate away and the protestor fell off his vehicle.” Works for me...
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    Feel good video of the day

    Would it be insensitive to put one of those these on the side of the car?
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    Faulty airbags?

    Since this thread took a turn turn, action starts around 3:15
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    Halletts in havasu party cancelled

    If it got cancelled at the last minute, he most likely paid for the food and the liquor and got nothing. I’m sure he’ll speak up, but it’s all about the contracts.
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    Sturgis, you knew they would say this happened........

    Simple govt math. 65 people each infected 65 people who each infected 65 people and you’ve got 275,000 cases. The only thing that’s known is the people attended Sturgis and they tested positive for Covid. Doesn’t mean they caught it there. How about the other places they have been in the last...
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    New Economic Policies Proposed

    $50 a day works out to $1,500/month I'm by no means a baller, but $1,500 a month doesn't cover my housing expense with no mortgage.
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    Cop protected from attacker....

    Dude on the ground is now waiting for the cop to arrest him to stop the asswhooping
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    6 more days..........

    For the last 5 months, we have filled our sports watching time with other activities. Once this BS all returns to some level of normal, how many people are going to continue in their "new" activities rather than returning to sports? Fall/Winter sports are going to have an advantage, but MLB may...
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    is it me ?

    I’m just getting old. Holiday weekends, we stay home. Tired of the crowds, tired of the assholes and tired of the amateurs. Tired of not being able to have a different outlook. I used to be real social, now I just keep my mouth shut. Rather hang with my wife and dog. First time I’ve ever...
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    Call U Next Tuesday

    Seems that any small community near a large body of water suffers from time water intrusion. Every time we visit our place, I can work on it or go boating, party, drink, hang with friends, etc. So, I have 20 minute projects that have needed to be done for years. I’ve hired people to do the...
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    What did you buy??

    I got started in 1997, invested 15k total in companies that I liked, Amazon, Costco, Intuit, Harley Davidson, Southwest, and Home Depot. I liked them because I did business with them and my experiences were positive. Never really followed their financials. Watched how they were doing over the...
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    What did you buy??

    OMG, a complete meltdown, my portfolio dropped to where it was on August 25. YTD is still up 47%
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    Dubai police boat

    Never is, when someone else is paying for it.
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    Happy and Sad day

    Hope you are hiring someone to use all that stuff.