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  1. Bpracing1127

    Rv repair upgrade shops close to Orange County

    I am going to be adding a second AC and need a few items fixed. Who is the go to shop for these things?
  2. Bpracing1127

    YMC...... oppps I mean MAGA!! Watch it

    This video is great!!!
  3. Bpracing1127

    Islander plug in

    Can someone plug in my trailer at the Islander? I am in space 505. It is on the west side of the park kinda by the launch ramp. 25 foot iconic toy-hauler grey in color.
  4. Bpracing1127

    Camp rzr in Glamis cancelled

    Camp rzr is cancelled this year in Glamis usually on Halloween weekend. I bet it’s still packed but no organized events from Polaris. They couldn’t pull permits due to CA and Covid
  5. Bpracing1127

    Sand sport super show

    This event is cancelled in CA. According to the press release it is scheduled for October in AZ to share the space and time with the offroad expo. Bummer it’s always a fun event
  6. Bpracing1127

    Lake Cumberland, what’s it like?

    Some friends are moving to Lexington ky and with lake Cumberland an hour away or so I am wondering whAt is it like? Usable season, water temp? Critters ect.
  7. Bpracing1127

    Lake havasu docks

    Why is it that all the docks on lake havasu and up river suck ass!!! Go to any other lake and they seem to be soo much better. Rant over
  8. Bpracing1127

    Carb guy in havasu

    Who is the carb guy in havasu for high performance motors?
  9. Bpracing1127

    Plug in trailer at the Islander?

    Can a Good Samaritan go over and plug in my trailer and flip the pole breakers? I’m am in space 158. Thanks Ian and family :)
  10. Bpracing1127

    1990 Anaheim, CA boat show

    Check out this time capsule
  11. Bpracing1127

    Havasu Springs inner harbor open?

    Is havasu Springs inner harbor open for breakfast? We want to go in the morning and get some food? What about makai cafe?
  12. Bpracing1127

    Motorized pool lounger?

    Anyone have these? They are on sale for 50$ seems pretty cool to get around the coves https://www.habbces.store/products/motorized-inflatable-swimming-pool-lounger
  13. Bpracing1127

    Bpracing's Lake Powell Adventure

    My family (wife and son (20 months)) took off for Lake Powell Thursday the 18th. First stop was to lake havasu to pick up my boat from storage. We then stayed the night and left the next day to page, Az. With a stop in Flagstaff we made it to Page in 5 hours or so from Lake Havasu. The road from...
  14. Bpracing1127

    Fire in Camp Pendleton?

    Driving by looks like a fire
  15. Bpracing1127

    Covid and work

    Well we just got an updated memo and all hands meeting from our CEO at work. Basically social distancing stays in place Working from home stops Doors are labeled entrance only and exit only 1 person per table inside cafeteria Everyone else can sit outside during lunch under the easy up (12...
  16. Bpracing1127

    Martial law? Will it be declared nationally? Locally?

    Thoughts on martial law being declared. Santa Monica and LBC Afe being looted left and right
  17. Bpracing1127

    Hyundai or Kia

    Wife wants a new car. Her choices Hyundai palisades Kia telluride Toyota 4 runner (The offroad pacakage) Ford Explorer (Sport for my choice) Dodge Durango (srt for my choice) Her first choice is the palisades. Are they reliable?
  18. Bpracing1127

    Party heat

    Who remembers this show!!!
  19. Bpracing1127

    WTB water ski

    I am looking for a ski. Needs to be 68-72” for my fat ass. What do you have?
  20. Bpracing1127

    Boating question

    I have a danik hook, but my line slips in it a bit. I am using the top knot line. What line works better with the hook?