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  1. SoCalZero

    2020 Catalina Polar Bear Run

    Here are some pics from today’s run. Todd Haig was probably home drinking a beer before everyone else got back. Everyone had fun.
  2. SoCalZero

    Rub Rail

    Looking for 1 1/4” aluminum with rubber insert rub rail. Who is the go to vendor for this? Thanks in advance.
  3. SoCalZero


    When it comes to v-drives how do you know what size prop to get to match your gears and horsepower? Seems like everyone has a secret formula for getting close to what you need to have. I’m not looking for a prop currently. This is purely for future reference. Thanks!
  4. SoCalZero

    [WTS] 1989 21’ Commander Conquest For Sale

    1989 21’ Commander Conquest Closed bow 350/Alpha One Drive Unknown hours(no hour meter when purchased) 21p prop No issues Clean interior Bimini top Stereo system Drive and engine just serviced Turn key, ready to go! New paint on trailer New tires New bearings New front cranks Asking $8500 OBO...
  5. SoCalZero

    Efficient Hulls

    What are some of the more efficient hulls out there (21’-28’)that require little HP to get high MPH? What are some of the turds out there that just don’t like to go fast no matter what combo you throw at them?
  6. SoCalZero

    Fake user?

    This person is adding links to quotes and asking for recommendations for products under a certain price. Those are their only posts. Weird. I am calling out Ronda!
  7. SoCalZero

    Need help on hull ID

    Guy didn't have much info on hull other than he got it from someone in Catalina. No HIN number. No CF numbers. Any help is appreciated.
  8. SoCalZero

    Best coolers

    I know there was a couple threads on soft side coolers but what is everyones opinion for a regular hard cooler? I have been looking at Grizzly, Orion and Yeti. These things can get pricy for a cooler so what's the best bang for your buck? What do you use?
  9. SoCalZero

    What would you do???

    So I'm browsing on letgo app and come across my boat/wheels and some other random items for sale that are in the driveway. Called the cops and they said they couldn't do anything and to report it to this website they gave me. What would you do?
  10. SoCalZero

    Words/phrases that are not PC?

    Let see what we can com up with here. What are some words or phrases that are not politically correct seeing that we have all this Asian/oriental talk going on. We will say this thread is for research so no one gets in trouble. I'll star with one of my favorites. 1. Cockpit
  11. SoCalZero

    Couple of Harley's for sale

    Selling for a friend. Prices are best offer. Pm me for any questions or a viewing. Thanks. 1998 soft tail Springer Sale price $10,500 12 inch apes, 80 inch, Custom top end @ 88hp on dyno, Brance heads, Dave Mackie 500 cam by Andrews, 42MM Mikuni carb,ignition system, Vance & Hines 2 into 1...
  12. SoCalZero

    B&W 5th wheel hitch

    ****SOLD**** Selling for my dad. Lightly used 5th wheel. B&W RVK 3500 Companion 5th**Wheel Hitch $500. Located in the South Bay Area.
  13. SoCalZero

    Trailer wheels...spares anyone?

    ***SOLD*** I have two trailer wheels/tires. They are 215/60-14 tires on an unknown brand aluminum wheels. Slight curb rash that could possibly taken out. Asking $75ish??? for the two. Thanks!
  14. SoCalZero

    Is this one of us???

    Saw this guy yesterday afternoon. Gave him a thumbs up and kept rolling. I have seen this boat in pictures and it is exactly like my boat except he has outboards and mine is v-drive.
  15. SoCalZero

    Sea Strainer

    Here's the deal, my sea strainer cover/sight/window or what have you is cracked and cracking more and more. I searched for a replacement and found some for $75-$100 range(F-That). I believe my strainer is a Rex Marine but they didn't make a replacement cover. I got a piece of poly for $15 and a...
  16. SoCalZero

    Prop walk???

    My dad has a 27' Rayson Craft that he recently repowered with a blown 575 and spinning a 32 pitch four blade. We took it out for test and tuning and around 60-70mph we got some nasty rolling. The boat rolled to the left and felt like one plate was down. It didn't do it all the time. We are going...
  17. SoCalZero

    IMCO Powerflows

    ***SOLD*** For sale IMCO Powerflows polished. Used for two trips to river. 6 months old. $2250obo Located in South Bay 310 area. Pm me if interested. Thanks!
  18. SoCalZero

    Header Help!!!

    Anyone know where I can get the headers in the picture below? My cousin is looking for a pair and a ballpark price. Thanks!
  19. SoCalZero

    Need Advice

    I bought a "high performance" transmission for my truck in March from a shop and I installed it. There was a one year warranty on parts. Reciept said one year warranty/12,000miles on transmission except on electrical parts, towing and rental car. I blow up Trans on Sunday, take it to the shop...
  20. SoCalZero

    Wallets...What do you use?

    What do you use?...Leather?...Velcro...??? Inspired by Pulp Fiction...