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  1. TimeBandit

    Jamie Fox blindness and paralyzed could be from vaccine

    His daughter says he has been home and playing Pickleball. Hard to play pickleball if you can't see. But according to Foxx’s daughter Corinne Foxx, we shouldn’t believe everything we read. “Update from the family: “Sad to see how the media runs wild. My dad has been out of the hospital for...
  2. TimeBandit

    For the Real Estate Drop in sales and price Naysayers HOLD ONTO YOUR HATS

    How much were all the fees for permits, schools etc before any dirt was moved??
  3. TimeBandit

    LA County looking at road tax

    Wait, A Dem run city creating a new tax? say it aint so! And in the midst of global warming also voting on the requirement of all rental units having air conditioning... go figure.
  4. TimeBandit

    Spring Cleaning ! ! !

    My wife wants me to start purging, and I see her point. nah.
  5. TimeBandit

    LA County looking at road tax

    Does California charge an EV tax? California: $100 annual fee for a zero-emissions vehicle. Starting in January 2021, annual increases will be indexed to the consumer price index.
  6. TimeBandit

    Anyone have any weird issues with Credit Karma?

    Looks like Intuit bought Credit Karma: https://support.creditkarma.com/s/article/Intuit-Acquisition I use Intuit's Mint and TurboTax, so far no problems.
  7. TimeBandit

    Idiotic Drivers

    It scares me to drive anymore. I had a black TCP suburban pass me on the left shoulder and cut me off. I had a semi merge into me so I had to drive on the shoulder to avoid carnage. These were not "bad" drivers, they were agressive assholes.
  8. TimeBandit

    Did we land on the moon?

    We never went to the moon. 9/11 was a hoax. an F150 will out tow a peterbuilt. Drinking Bud Light means you give men head.
  9. TimeBandit

    Humm so how stupid can I be

    My dually only left the garage to tow the boat someplace for a reason or 10. Probably why you sold it in the first place. Keep the 2020.
  10. TimeBandit

    Common Sense From Andy Griffith

    Or how a Russian Orthodox priest explained it to me around 1982 when he picked me up hitch hiking in Bridgeport, CA. when my TR7 blew it's motor: "Young men look for woman who looks like Keno girl, but beauty is on inside, not outside, outside is wrong place to look" He was a hoot! When he...
  11. TimeBandit

    Just Play Dead!

    Years ago when I was taking my German Shep pup out in the back yard to do his bizness we passed a possum that looked dead, I pulled him away from sniffing at it. Then it dawned on me "playing possum" and sure enough when I looked back it was gone. I can't say I've seen one since, they must be...
  12. TimeBandit

    Thieves can be slick

    Which Costco?
  13. TimeBandit

    Seems cheap? 24 spectra

    Happy wife, Happy life. There is a toon in your future.
  14. TimeBandit

    When milineals grow up

    https://abc7.com/worlds-largest-charcuterie-board-camarillo-high-school-southern-california-ventura-county/13038498/#:~:text=(KABC)%20%2D%2D%20Southern%20California%20is,by%20more%20than%2050%20feet. When I read about this I knew the end was near.
  15. TimeBandit

    Robot in the hotel.

    No tip required.
  16. TimeBandit

    Oh No, it's now the Frankmobile

    When the "Wienermobile" would stop somewhere (in the 60's) it handed out Wiener whistles to the kids. I remember them well. So no more blowing wieners?
  17. TimeBandit

    Santa Barbara...Info needed

    Frankie the bartender has been there 40 years! (Francisco) My friends and I hung out there in the mid 80's (not my thing but the bouncer sold coke). We helped move Joe's to it's current location on the corner, It was mid block before the rent doubled. Now I want to go up there
  18. TimeBandit

    2023 Prius

    Where did they order it from?? The yellow is not available from all the searching I did, I like yellow!
  19. TimeBandit

    Another Scam

    This one got my attention, victim must have downloaded some serious spyware from the perp: https://www.foxla.com/news/scammers-wire-themselves-48000-from-simi-valley-business-owner
  20. TimeBandit

    New from Polaris, the XPEDITION…

    Does it have A/C ? Yes, and a stereo. https://www.motortrend.com/news/2024-polaris-xpedition-side-by-side-overlanding-off-road-utv/