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  1. monkeyswrench

    Chopper Crash At The Landing?

    Ok, for us non-flying kind of people, I'll ask a stupid question. Is "auto rotation" basically disengaging the rotor assembly, and letting it freewheel for drag/resistance on the fall? Like putting your foot in on the clutch and coasting? Flying in helicopters I've reserved for medical...
  2. monkeyswrench

    Chopper Crash At The Landing?

    Wife said Zach News posted last night a bird went down at the Landing. Hope @Tommy Gun Images is good, only guy I know in one frequently. Sounded like two people, both OK....
  3. monkeyswrench

    The Oc ...

    You ain't in Kansas anymore, Toto... Finish job, collect check...GTFO! How do the Parkabillies do when left unattended?
  4. monkeyswrench

    Fuck Apple and Siri

    So this hit the news this weekend, well at least the right wing news. Apple must have got some call outs over the past few days, and decided to pull it. I don't have an iPhone. Based on that crap, think I need to find b detter mp3 players too.
  5. monkeyswrench

    Possible Hit and Run Near River Lodge.

    Can't agree with the "everyone needs to look out for me" theory. I was raised that you lookout for yourself when young, and your kids when you have them...while teaching them to lookout for themselves. All parties involved have some responsibility. Be it for your fellow boater, passengers or...
  6. monkeyswrench

    Possible Hit and Run Near River Lodge.

    Yep, the area between Pirate's and Smith, horrible and should be avoided at all costs... but I may have skewed reasoning🤫
  7. monkeyswrench

    Possible Hit and Run Near River Lodge.

    ...And an early dinner at that 😂
  8. monkeyswrench

    Coca-cola out as NHRA sponsor

    Hell yes! "Winston Finals" In 8ft letters across the top of the grandstands in Pomona. I love the cackle of a nitro mill, but I also love watching door slammers. I miss the days of Bob Glidden and WJ matchups. Hell, I miss the days of TA/FC shifting Lencos.
  9. monkeyswrench

    Possible Hit and Run Near River Lodge.

    I'm going to have to say the boy injured, may also have some responsibility as well. At 19, I was living on my own and making my own decisions. Some were not good...hell, now some aren't good. If it were busy, I wouldn't tow my kids, even if they wanted to. I get to make that decision for them...
  10. monkeyswrench

    Tales Of A Mercenary Mechanic

    The good thing for me, with these two projects side by side, one is hardcore metric, the other conversly standard. Lots of tools out, but don't need to go back and forth looking for stuff :p That, and I sure as hell won't mix parts!
  11. monkeyswrench

    Comment by 'monkeyswrench' in article 'SALTON SEA MONSTERS -- Part 1'

    I'd heard about the Salton Sea race from a customer I had in SoCal. He had a Mandela flatty with a 427 Ford...un-restored, just wanted the thing hung back together as a static display. His had been Mickey Thompson's. It could have been so cool. I never knew any of the competitors ran Allisons...
  12. monkeyswrench

    Cave creek to Havasu pick up

    He would have asked if you could take something "halfway" to Havasu...lot's of nothing out there 😏
  13. monkeyswrench

    Tales Of A Mercenary Mechanic

    No pics of 37 issues yet ;) That guy said it had been missing and stumbling before " had to be the carb". He went out and bought a new carb for it...500$ for a 2 barrel! Well, it isn't the carb. Wish it were, the problem at hand is the distributor. Like playing Twister to get it out to work on it.
  14. monkeyswrench

    NHRA "Wally"

    As well he should! Maybe a shrine is too much, but I'd have one!
  15. monkeyswrench

    Tales Of A Mercenary Mechanic

    So, the 37 Ford has repeatedly kicked me in the head. Front brakes weren't even on the list, but they got done. On it's way here it died, and had to be towed. Spark or fuel... know what's up, and waiting for parts for that end. Rear brake shoes came today. So, Monkey Mover didn't move this...
  16. monkeyswrench

    Bubba Wallace to drive for owners Michael Jordan, Denny Hamlin in 2021

    So, the black guy that complained about how racist NASCAR is....has new "owners"? Don't really care one way or the other, just seems like poor wording.
  17. monkeyswrench

    NHRA "Wally"

    Poor kid...has to build a Wally shelf! Congratulations to both driver and team. Car looked great before, but looks perfect with another Wally ;)
  18. monkeyswrench

    Lots vs gated communities

    Don't know much about Havasu. The places across from Needles Marina can be anywhere from reasonable, to "Holy $#@!" I would say it comes down to it's overall purpose, any lot. I have a decent old place in the trailerhood in Golden Shores. I never planned to rent it out, but also don't plan on it...
  19. monkeyswrench

    Singer class 7 1887-1889

    I'm not of that generation, but of that mindset. A lot of things you can make easier than finding. Any old equipment the pieces aren't super precise, and not a 15 step process to manufacture. In this case, sounds like the parts gone al together. Usually I just get one in pieces, or worn out...
  20. monkeyswrench

    Lets see your garage

    Crap! I didn't realize you were starting the Texan Air Force!