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    NBA players defending LeBron

    He's a bitch. A complete race baiting bitch. Lebron would get abused as he should
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    NHRA "Wally"

    Right freaking on!
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    Rv repair upgrade shops close to Orange County

    I have taken mine to Fairway Ford Do Not, I repeat DO NOT take it Ferace' automotive Total hack and offer no support
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    I will take them
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    I see a ton of Kubota equipment in my area now. They seem nice and popular now. Do you buy yours from Eberhart?
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    Baseball memorabilia

    check your PM
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    X 10 I worked for Bobcat and Cat back in the day. Do NOT get an MTL. The CTL line for Cat is great. The track loaders for Bobcat are good as well. Mark sure you fully understand how to maintain and adjust the tracks. There are regular zerk fittings ans high pressure zerk fittings as...
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    KMG Phantom

    Hell yes dude. 100% correct
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    Looking for our first RV

    RD I have had a super C, class A, and a class C. When mt kids were your kids age I had a Class C ans it was great. Ford Winnebago with V10 that I cjioped and Banks exhaust. Was great. Class A will give you a great amount if liveable space but the kids will have to sleep o. The dinette and...
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    Check out this little rv.....

    A 24'er at 109K? Thats insane. I like the rear sleeper
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    Cole V drive

    here is another of J540
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    Ruth bader Ginsburg dead at 87

    A violation of a dying wish? You can violate a wish? Is that a law that just came about.
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    Work pics - power plant demolition Long Beach

    Big outfit
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    Hell yea
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    Ruth bader Ginsburg dead at 87

    They will paint Trump out like a shitbag that hates her. Not that they don't already
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    New Twin Outboard 30 Eliminator Deck Boat!

    ahhhh, got it. Learn something new everyday.
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    New Twin Outboard 30 Eliminator Deck Boat!

    Wonder how heavy these will be I would imagine a lot with the rigging, seats, more seats, etc
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    Boating content: prop recommendations

    Yeh. I think you are right about that If I am paying 2k or more o would spin Herring prop
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    What band reminds you most of the river?

    I dont listen to a ton CCR but that reminds me. I can remember listening to an 8 track ( Google that shit young guys) and cassette on our way to the river with mom and dad when I was young. My Dad used to let me sit in the front seat of the motorhome to help keep him awake.
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    Boating content: prop recommendations

    X 3 Or try that new Merc Max 5. I hear its the real deal