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  1. RaceTec

    CNC Repair / Maintenance

    Any of you guys know a good independant CNC repair guy? We have a mix of machines from DMG 5 axis to specialized high speed Takasawa machines, mostly Fanuc controls. My normal guy seems to be getting more and more flaky and having a mix of machines makes it tough to get a single shop to help...
  2. RaceTec

    Bridgeport Mills: Periodic Maintenance is key.

    I LOVE my Graziano's!!! Nice work, you must have one hell of a home shop!
  3. RaceTec

    Honest plumber needed ASAP in Huntington Beach

    I will ask my buddy, he is more commercial but doesn't hurt to ask...
  4. RaceTec

    NHRA Top Fuel Racer Issues Dire Warning About Series' Future

    First, I agree! Second, bitchen build! Who is the engine builder? If you need a little help let me know!
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    good morning inmates

    Good Mornin!
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    This one was only aired once but I think it was an amazing tribute...
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    Ever seen a Nordic "Blaze?" Super Rare

    I would love to see more about this hull, looks awesome!
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    NHRA Top Fuel Racer Issues Dire Warning About Series' Future

    I am not sure if or what he could say but I would be interested to get @cyclone take on the whole thing, he is in it more than me daily! I would also work more with the vintage guys, bring more cackle events to races along with the Vintage Fuel Funny car guys! Partner more with Goodguys and the...
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    NHRA Top Fuel Racer Issues Dire Warning About Series' Future

    Here is what I think NHRA should do. Let anyone 16 and under in for FREE, cut the regular ticket price in half. Get people in the gate! Bring PRO MOD on hard, hit up ever local sanctioning body up near a local track and create strategic partnerships. Bring in a street racer 10.5 tire type class...
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    Muscle cars 60,s vs today’s

    I have played with almost everything over the years as you can probably imagine... I love all cars, from the brass era until now, they all have some different feal or quirks that makes them what they are. I just hope racing doesn't continue to die out like it is. I really wish that the racing...
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    *~* Happy Birthdaaaay Shintoooo! *~*

    Happy Birthday!
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    Factory 5 Cobra Kit Cars

    Just go find a Sunbeam Tiger and be ahead of the curve! These are all fun and you can build anything to the level that you want depending on budget! I say buy something or build something mild and low buck, then have fun and upgrade it as a driver. If you can't drive it it is a waste, having a...
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    Toon prices / $297,000

    I honestly have no clue how so many people afford so many damn expensive toys?
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    Hey LAM! I Made A Custom Watch To Match The Boat (Octagonal)

    Can you give us more details? I would love to make something like this! Where, how much, did you assemble the entire thing yourself?
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    ceiling speaker cables

  16. RaceTec

    East Coast Center Consoles......should I bring one west? Big blue itch is calling.....

    I am really surprised that Lavey @lavey jr hasn't tooled up a CC based on the 2750 bottom or any of their others? I know that Tahiti Offshore was going to also @Goodtime$ ?
  17. RaceTec

    MOM FC 21

    I agree, how much for one with an LSA and a bravo? Who am I kidding, I still can't afford one!
  18. RaceTec

    SEMA Canceled

    Stupid COVID crap, now SEMA is cancelled... I know a lot of you guys typically go. Hopefully we are still on for PRI?
  19. RaceTec

    New from Huntington Beach

    Welcome! Looks like your shop might be by mine, we are at Springdale and McFadden area...
  20. RaceTec

    Parker bars

    You would think that Fox's could just open up top for food and allow seating at all of the seating outside? They should turn the end of the counter into a little bar!