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  1. riverroyal

    4 seat speed UTV

    on a side note, my F150 lease is almost up. Well 4 months ish. Im pulling the 20" Methods and Toyos off. If for some reason you need to buy new wheels 😁
  2. riverroyal

    4 seat speed UTV

    or just raise the prices to cover costs. Im riding in yours as soon as you get it
  3. riverroyal

    4 seat speed UTV

    100% with you. My turn key X3 has 7K worth of shit bolted to it. So I do like the speed idea of being able to built it before delivery. I guess any Can am or polaris dealer can do it also. I think its great the excitement on this thing, I'm looking forward to seeing one, riding in one, THEN...
  4. riverroyal

    4 seat speed UTV

    I do not think can am and polaris prototyped for years, but they did have cars in the dirt for years. Early models which helped current year models What Can Am and Polaris didnt do is take a TON of cash from people before even completing ONE unit. I seriously hope this thing is ground breaking...
  5. riverroyal

    Possible Hit and Run Near River Lodge.

    Perfect. Asleep by 8
  6. riverroyal

    4 seat speed UTV

    Hang on. They will be using prototype billet one off parts? Shouldn’t that have been done say....a year ago? So no real testing as of yet. you guys are crazy.
  7. riverroyal

    Possible Hit and Run Near River Lodge.

    Common sense and boating disappeared this summer. This is one unfortunate result. the good news is we now know eating ass is ok before dinner
  8. riverroyal

    4 seat speed UTV

    Soon as the 1st ‘where’s my fuck car’ lawsuit gets filed
  9. riverroyal

    Do you remember?

    soooo, i saw them at Kaaboo festival in 2018. 100 acts, I saw foo fighter and others. That day my wife stayed home and just me and my sons went. I think they were watching post malone or chain smokers or something on another stage. Earth W F was the best act of the entire event. Absolutely the...
  10. riverroyal

    November UTV Ride

    bring parts
  11. riverroyal

    Riverbound Units Discussion

    I like this concept. Once Im retired I dont want a big yard, dont want to stay put. Big enough garage to hold everything, Small enough house to leave for months at a time. Near the action on McC to walk too. Or rent it.
  12. riverroyal

    Yard Sale at Boynton Inlet

    looks like a fun jet ski place
  13. riverroyal

    Riverbound Units Discussion

    hmmmm....all garage, house on top. I like it
  14. riverroyal

    GT 500’s

    id lose my mind knowing my car was that dirty
  15. riverroyal

    San Diego/ Carlsbad

    For sure go. Eat at los olas for mex. Viggilucci for a nice dinning experience. Best beach is behind the navy academy school. You will see steps between some houses. Walk the village streets. Its a great time of the year to go
  16. riverroyal

    Shit is crazy right now

    Kids moto bikes are nuts right now . The pit bike fad has taken off again.
  17. riverroyal

    Samsung Galaxy 9+ android help

    Clear your lap top often.
  18. riverroyal

    Shit is crazy right now

    Sand bar was crowded. Channel was a complete shit show. Came in from the north, grabbed a spot right there. The north end looked like the south end did last year. Crazy new boats. Horrible drivers.. Yes shit is crazy. Glamis this season is going to be very dangerous.
  19. riverroyal

    Airplane towing a sign over the lake?

    Do they put the banner on the same treadmill when it takes off?