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  1. Rondog4405

    whats talked about in parker

    Good riddance..ha ha.. just wishful thinking!!🤣
  2. Rondog4405

    Costco, Sams, Both or neither?

    We do the costco thing. Other than tp, paper towels and water..its pretty much something to do when im.bored outta my mind.. walk around look at and buy shit I really dont need..😄
  3. Rondog4405

    Scooter gangs in Vegas?

    I was out there Saturday . Jesus christ it was like walking through watts. Straight up ghetto mother fuckers everywhere!
  4. Rondog4405

    Lowe’s...never again.

    Xmas cancelled.... hell yessssss!!!!👍👍😀😀
  5. Rondog4405

    Cancer Sucks - My mommy got hit again

    Sorry to hear this.. prayers goin out to your mom and the family!
  6. Rondog4405

    [SOLD] 2002 Carson flatbed trailer.

    What are the dims?
  7. Rondog4405

    Best thread ever...

    Absolute money!! Dying!!!
  8. Rondog4405

    "Notta Desert Storm Weekend Havasu"

    Ha ha yeah that's mine. . Looking for a hallett 255 or a lavey 260 like your old one would be great. We have well outgrown the essex.. gotta go bigger.
  9. Rondog4405

    "Notta Desert Storm Weekend Havasu"

    Out there Friday to sell the sled.. then off to vegas!!😉😉..
  10. Rondog4405

    Boating content, kinda!

    Big ole WTF!!!???
  11. Rondog4405

    How does end of summer effect your boating?

    Way better for me.. work slows down and I can add a few extra days to my boating program
  12. Rondog4405

    The Great Outdoors - Suck My Wake

    Somehow that movie is always playing when we are in parker.. and I watch it every single time!! So great!!!
  13. Rondog4405

    Bluewater Casino to open Sept 14th.

    Nope..marina and beaches to remain closed as well.. the place really sucks now!🤣
  14. Rondog4405

    Visitor last night

    Found one last year in my patio in parker.. as good as they may be..I couldn't stand the sight of it.. instant squash mode!
  15. Rondog4405

    Goodmorning..... and goodbye LA County

    And.... jesus christ u posted this yesterday!!.. updstes...?
  16. Rondog4405

    Halloween Canceled?

    Cancel Halloween..yet walmart and big box stores are fully stocked for it.. doing Halloween as usual..they could kiss my asssss!!
  17. Rondog4405

    Offshore BFT

    Damm!! Nice haul right there!!
  18. Rondog4405

    Not feeling so great right now

    Ha ha. Exactly!!!
  19. Rondog4405

    My Neighbor's Doing a 100 Mile Run/jog Tomorrow...

    Follow the buzzards.. they know what's up😉👍🤣