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  1. brgrcru

    Our town is burning down!

    I have not lost everything by Mother Nature . But I have been through fires , almost every few years by our house . Not fun . Good luck . We have stayed a few times and fought back with high power water hoses , sprinkler on roof and a pool pump . So far we have been lucky . Good luck to all .
  2. brgrcru

    Gym's have been open in government buildings for months!

    They are not open, in the communist controled LA county .
  3. brgrcru


    I think american flags. Pro first and forsure second amendment , Gadsden flags, MAGA banners. trump flags and banners , all lives matter , maybe a few pictures of some bikini clad women posters . would be put up all over the walls . In my kids at home distant class rooms . Just saying.
  4. brgrcru

    Mountain Bikes

    Maxxis are good tires . Nice wearing them out . Instead of losing a tire. miles from your car . Lol
  5. brgrcru

    Mountain Bikes

    On Baldy . I did the ski hut trail up and then Devils back bone ? ,through the ski area back . Long hike about 11 miles 4 1/2 hours . Wanting to do the califorina six pack . In the next two years . Really got into hiking . While my wrist healed . Try to do a power Hikes 3 times a week ...
  6. brgrcru

    Mountain Bikes

    100 % right on . I'm in better shape now . Then I was when I was 30 . At 55 my heart rate Is almost perfect. Age is just a number for me . I still ride , hike ,waterski, wake board , snow ski , like I did when I was a teenager . Not going to stop living . Until I'm forced to.
  7. brgrcru

    BLM bussed to Lodi

    Stuck in Lodi . Always a good song . Any ways we usually hit the in out burger , when leaving the delta in Lodi. Going this Wednesday to the delta . Vieras resort .
  8. brgrcru

    Mountain Bikes

    Pretty much a regular on el p , ride it a few times a week . Through the year. Been trying to brake the 8 minute Barrier . I'm close but at 55 it's not going to happen . Did a 8:11 this year . Sunset trail in Same area is also a good one . Then head to el p to finish . Broke my wrist at end...
  9. brgrcru

    POTUS dick move

    So good
  10. brgrcru

    Rumor in CA......

    Okay my dumb ass is confused . I want on and it said" registered permanent mail in voter ". Underneath it said " no" So I am not registered to vote by mail . Fuck I can't rap my head around . Lol So I'm good ?
  11. brgrcru

    Meanwhile in Portland

    vote D for destruction. of your life and cities and eventually your country. scum bag commies !
  12. brgrcru

    This is why I fight the fight on this board...

    What a anti american fucking dirt bag traitor.
  13. brgrcru

    21 RC Cap for sale

    Does it come with a Tripple axel trailer ?
  14. brgrcru

    Im outta here!!!

    They both look great . Congrats !
  15. brgrcru

    THIS is the Democratic Socialist party Comrade

    Socialist is just a nice word for commie scum bags .....
  16. brgrcru

    Money Predictions if Biden Wins!

    530 . My business did not fail because of trump. My business failed because of me . I should of got the fuck out , when all these commie bastards , started voting communist into power in Califorina . There are a few on here , I hope I never see anywhere . I will never acknowledge another commie...
  17. brgrcru

    Money Predictions if Biden Wins!

    You want a bowling alley . Bar . Let's see how successful you are , when the government has closed you down for 7 months . With no income . Now I'm hearing , we won't be able to operate until next summer . Maybe . Then trying to get people back in the door will be the next challenge. With...
  18. brgrcru

    Cracked rib

    Dont breathe or laugh. All good in 6/8 weeks I have bruised ribs once , never again I hope .
  19. brgrcru

    2020 Recession?

    Ok I'll comment . Still in a depression . But We have buyer and we are in escrow . So we might be in real baller status in 30 days . Lol I have everything I need. Hoarding my cash. Not buying shit, accept maybe some more ammo, gold and silver . All I can do is laugh . Now , was in a bad...
  20. brgrcru

    2020 Recession?

    No comment !