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    Daniels Defense or Spikes Tacticla AR-15?

    ^^ This also
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    2021 Can Am Maverick Keys

    Why does it have 2 modes if you only get 1 key? They fucked you!
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    Looking for our first RV

    Your wife/kids cant piss, make you a sammich, or make you a cocktail while rolling down the road with a 5th wheel!!!
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    Project StressEliminator Restomod-23 Daytona

    I have my 25 Daytona for sale, and hope it sell, but if it doesn't I am seriously considering having the notches filled on it.
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    [WTS] Beautiful 2004 Eliminator 26 Daytona

    This boat is local to me. My buddy actually went and looked at it a couple weeks ago, got his boat sold (delivers it next Saturday), and was getting ready to make a deal on this, and his house burned down during the fires we have going on around here, so he's not in a spot to deal with buying a...
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    Our town is burning down!

    Not sure how to link story, but why they don’t just shoot these fucks on the spot is beyond me. Why they are even on the streets is a testament to our useless justice system. I’m sure the libs will paint them as great people.
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    GT 500’s

    Drove all, and a couple others, same day, same track, etc. I daily drive my HC. Lamborghini Ferrari GT500 GT-3 C-8 I didn’t snap pics of all, but you get the point. Lambo- Cool car, not my thing, handles well Ferrari- LOVE me some turn on turbo power! Handles well, overall the “best” but...
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    Project StressEliminator Restomod-23 Daytona

    Also not to jack, but SOB that prop shaft is way above the bottom! What is that, 2, 2.25, maybe 2.5 inches above?
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    Help Me Understand

    Why in the fuck should/is tax payer $ being limited to Blacks and Islanders??
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    GT 500’s

    ^^^ This!! The beauty of that this is that by then the aftermarket boys will have grips on the new motor, trans, and tuning, and a guy will be able to buy an early C-8 for 50% of new, and for another $15k have a fkn rocket ship!
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    GT 500’s

    Have you driven one yet??? DISAPPOINTING!!!! I had an allocation, waited, waited, waited, got sick of waiting, said fuck it, and sold the allocation......... Now that I have driven one, I'll stick with my Hellcat until they put some HP in them. Handle well, NOT a good car for a knuckle...
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    GT 500’s

    Drove one at PIR for 10 laps a few weeks back... They are FAST!!!! They are 60% weight on the front, and you feel it when you drive it. Overall, VERY cool car....... GT-3 Porsche was fun as well!
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    KMG Phantom

    With what power?
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    Havasu House Rental with inside boat parking

    DOH........ This was one of my favorite places to stay!!!! Hope all is well, you sure made it easy to stay!
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    Project StressEliminator Restomod-23 Daytona

    My arms hurt looking at that! FYI...... the water will be hard soon, hurry up!!!
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    Riverbound Units Discussion

    There are options, but as I look at those, I see 10-15 year old HVAC systems that need replacement and updated, I see plumbing systems that are either copper or CPVC that are time bombs, I see old insulation standards that need updating........ the list goes on. These are new, and with 1 ounce...
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    Calling all Cole Boats

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    Calling all Cole Boats

    This will make a few say WTF. My first Cole jet.
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    Riverbound Units Discussion

    ^^^ THIS And LOW maintenance! I’m not from CA, but this describes my program perfectly. I’d now have a place to store the boat & some sort of tow rig, so I’m now a cheap flight to Vegas, then a $3 rental car to Havasu and I’m set. That said, I’m not a player at a dollar over $300k.
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    Need some help and advise