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    Staight out of Phoenix.....

    On the 60 west bound this morning.....
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    What is hope is there?

    Banner on today's Phoenix news station.
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    Epoxy Garage Floor - Putting HEAVY Safe On It...

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    GM Motor Gurus - Leaking Radiator Fluid, 2007 Pontiac G6

    OK, I am calling on the RD brain trust to bail me out of another problem. My wife's 2007 Pontiac G6, with the 3.5 liter V6 has developed a coolant leak that I'm stumped over. A couple of weeks ago, we ran around, doing errands and when we finally got home I smelled burning anti-freeze. The...
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    1969 VW 1600cc Engine For Sale

    In cleaning out my deceased Father's garage, I came across the engine I pulled out of his 1969 VW Transport van. It was running when I pulled it, he just wanted me to replace it, but it was a project that was never completed, due to other distractions at the time (decades ago). Good...
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    Question For CA Tax Gurus - 401K And Downpayment on Real Estate

    I'll try to keep my explanation simple - I currently live in SoCal and am looking at houses in the Phoenix area (to finally make my escape). I was considering (if possible) to use a small portion of my 401K for a down payment. I checked with my investment people and because I'm already 60 years...
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    HVAC Gurus - Problem With Forced Air Heater

    I have a Bryant forced air furnace, at my house, that is 4 years old. A couple of months ago, I had an electrical problem at the house (outside hot wire broke from utility pole) and I found a lot of my household appliance were killed off by a series of high-voltage spikes. With the recent...
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    For you seasonal folks like me, has anyone gotten their 2014 summer renewal paperwork yet? In years past the office would send out the paperwork right after Thanksgiving, this year, I'm still waiting......
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    Auto Shop Needed In PHX

    My GF moved to San Tan Valley in January (lateral job transfer) and her '07 Pontiac G6 has developed a major fuel pump leak. While I was out there the w/e before Labor Day, I diagnosed it as a cracked fuel line on the fuel pump in the tank. I didn't have any tools with me, so I gave up my...
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    Phoenix Peeps - Areas Around Scottsdale

    My GF needs to stay in the Scottsdale area for the next 3 months on business and she asked me to check with the peeps on here to find out if there are any sketchy neighborhoods or places to avoid in Scottsdale. Thanks guys!
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    Not Boat Related - Ford Show At Knott's Today

    I had a couple of hours to kill this afternoon and remembered that the Ford show was right down the street from my house. They were 1,000's of cars there today. I have over 200+ pics, these are just some of the highlights.... I ran a video of the GT40 (yes, it is a real GT40, first one I have...
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    Bill Cosby Was On Jay Leno

    Last night, I caught Bill Cosby on the Jay Leno show and Jay played back a short clip from this video. My girlfriend is a Texican, so she got a good laugh out of it, my eyes were watering 'cause I was laughing so hard. Enjoy -
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    OK, Who Paints O/B Engine Cowlings?

    I asked last year and got a couple of good suggestions, but none of them panned out. I REALLY need to get my boat done and back in the water this season and need to have the engine cowling on my outboard motor painted. I could always just go down to Lowe's and get some cans of Krylon, but I'd...
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    Is It.Possible To Use A Dish Network Dish With A DirectTv Receiver?

    At our River abode we have a DirectTv system and while getting everything setup for summer, I couldn't get the dish aligned to pull in a signal. I used new RF cables. And the receiver and a small TV sitting 10 feet from the dish and tripod. I spent a least 2 hours trying to set the elevation...