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    Vogue Racing Ski

    Bumping this thing again before they rename this the Maha 360 classified section...
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    Looking For A Beach Cruiser Bike. Advice

    Nice fleet of bikes you got for the family. When you're ready to start building this site will give you plenty of inspiration and is a good source for used parts too. http://www.ratrodbikes.com
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    Vogue Racing Ski

    New price $250
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    Vogue Racing Ski

    Up for sale is this cool vintage Vogue Racing Ski, 80" long with appx size 10 fixed double wraps. I just love the look of this ski and it is very clean for it's age. Comes with a nice custom padded bag. I got this a few years ago when I was looking for a budget racing ski but I never got a...
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    Unemployed!!!! Thank You RDP!!!

    Must've been hard work getting back into the corporate world after ten years of being self employed. I got a severance package from my corporate gig back in 2011 and after 3 years I'm seeing some jobs that look interesting but it's not easy getting an interview. I like to think things are...
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    Maha 360 & Vogue Racing Ski

    The Maha has been sold.
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    Maha 360 & Vogue Racing Ski

    The Vogue is a flat bottom.
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    Maha 360 & Vogue Racing Ski

    Maha is the exotic hardwood model and is 70" long with stock adjustable Maja bindings & cordura nylon day bag: $600 obo Vogue is 80" long with appx size 10 fixed double wraps and is as new. No idea what it's worth so how about $400 obo PM me if interested. I live in South OC.
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    Any R.V. dealers on the boards??

    I just posted up my 4X4 Fleetwood in the classifieds. It's probably a little more spartan than what they're looking for but it will get you there & back again. http://www.riverdavesplace.com/forums/showthread.php?89434-Fleetwood-Jamboree-Searcher-Class-C-RV-4X4
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    Fleetwood Jamboree Searcher Class C RV 4X4

    1991 Fleetwood Jamboree Searcher - $19,500. This is a special Four Wheel Drive model professionally modified by Salem Kroger with 78,500 original miles. Big 460 Ford V8 engine runs strong and mileage with 4.10 gearing is about 10.5 mpg and has a class III hitch. Length is just under 20' so...
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    WTB Maha Wood 360

    Here's a couple pics of my 360. I got it off e-Bay from the seller known as "Mt. Shasta" - his stuff is always cherry. Anyway, a bought it a couple years ago with hopes of getting a boat and getting back into skiing but a few months later I was laid off from my job and that dream has been...
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    WTB Maha Wood 360

    I've got one that I'm willing to let go for $600 with the Maha cordura nylon bag. It's a 70" with stock bindings and lots a lot like the one in the photos. It's in excellent condition and has probably only been skiied a handful of times. I'm in south OC and will try & post up some photos later.
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    San Clemente Fiesta this weekend.

    The San Clemente Fiesta has some competition this year in Dana Point but like most things in life it's not free: http://www.dohenysurffest.com/
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    My brother going to his fouth Olympics

    Legend! That backhand attempt was gnarly! Really enjoy watching the games and wish the team all the best in the rest of the event. My dad played many, many years ago and it skipped a generation with me but my kids (12 & 14) have been playing water polo for a year now and are totally digging...
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    Some old skis....

    That's the one Ryan. I thought I was done buying old skis but when I saw that one and could not resist. The Maha 360 tapers from 6 1/2" wide to 5" at the tail, and the Vogue has parallel rails 7" all the way and a bit of rocker 2/3 of the way back. I'll post up some new photos of it when the...
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    Some old skis....

    Nice ski quiver Ryan. I grew up skiing on the east coast and did some tournaments while attending college in Florida in the '70's. I got the bug again on a family visit a few years ago, although I hurt like hell after getting pulled on the slalom I used 30 yrs ago. I picked up squaretail skis...
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    Vogue old to new

    I picked up one of these last year but have not had a chance to get it wet. The ski is pristine for it's age. Is this still a good ski for a beginning racer or are the Maha Longboards that much better? Would the Vogue work in a race like Catalina or is it better for inshore/lake racing...