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  1. fishing fool

    Towing with a newer Suburban??

    Dave, read the thread about towing with a newer 1/2 ton..... You don't need breaks according to the inmates "newer 1/2 tons tow better then older 3/4 tons" Use the tow haul button, let the trany slow you down
  2. fishing fool

    My pool is finally done.

    Good to hear. We dont want a big pool but do want a baja shelf. I will have to get with them to find out what will fit our needs.
  3. fishing fool

    My pool is finally done.

    I am about a year out from anything. Just wanted to see how they hold up. I will check them out for sure.
  4. fishing fool

    My pool is finally done.

    Lets hear a update on this...... The wife was talking to a friend from school that works for a fiberglass pool company in Havasu and he told her we could have a pool completed in two weeks (yes too weeks, NOT River Daves two weeks) Yes TWO weeks from start to finish. I just would like to know...
  5. fishing fool

    Trailer Auction Vegas

    Is a stack of trailers for $4,000 ($1,000 a trailer) or $1,000 for the stack of trailers ($250 a trailer)
  6. fishing fool

    Do I need to slow my roll?

    Which Dave??????
  7. fishing fool

    Hey Plumbers!

    Finding and exposing the leak $0.00 Calling the plumper $85.00 Plumber fixed in 3 hours $586 Spending more time on RDP than it took plumber to repair that day Priceless
  8. fishing fool

    Dog Name

  9. fishing fool

    Interstate Batteries Havasu

    Why are we still beating a dead battery?????? Buy a $$$$$ battery or a $ battery. Lesson learned is use the boat or put a battery tender on it when not in use.. ps. Can't wait to see if my batteries are going to be good this year
  10. fishing fool

    Nautical pool remodel

    Just made room for more... The drinks will go up $.093 to cover the cost of the remodel.
  11. fishing fool

    Nautical pool remodel

    Nothing more was said.
  12. fishing fool

    Nautical pool remodel

    A friend (yes I have a few) just sent me these pics of the pool area at the nautical. Going to put in cabanas around the pool
  13. fishing fool

    Interstate Batteries Havasu

    Milkmoney said he never had a problem with his batteries. His boat was always plugged into a battery tender.
  14. fishing fool

    Thread tiles

    Bold unread....... not bold read......
  15. fishing fool

    Interstate Batteries Havasu

    They are full throttle (starting battery) and full river (deep cycle). They come in all sizes. Thery are replacment battey for SxS. https://www.fullriverbattery.com/batteries/
  16. fishing fool

    Interstate Batteries Havasu

    Wired4sound sells Full Throttle batteries (RDP sponsor)
  17. fishing fool

    What brings people into your business?

    In todays world location is not much. People are lazy and will shop for what they want on the internet before they step out the door. By the time they make it to your lot they have already made up their mind and the price is the only thing left. My daughter recently bought a car and 99% of the...
  18. fishing fool

    This thing looks fun!

    It looks like the blue on that Boat Brokers has with the blue shag carpet. I thought you were going to get it?
  19. fishing fool


    Another call out thread......