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  1. LazyLavey

    The cop only nudged him.........

    "Guided" him out of the traffic lane to the safety of the emergency lane
  2. LazyLavey

    My $.02 on wake boats / Lake Powell

  3. LazyLavey

    Retreads aren't just for tires!

    How'd you like to book all those into evidence
  4. LazyLavey

    Well let’s hope my neighborhood isn’t the next BLM hotspot!

    YEA.... Finally....... Bring some of that "unity" to the community...... burn something, loot something, destroy something Most those fuckers probably don't live in the community they're "uniting".. more like "Igniting"
  5. LazyLavey

    Do you remember?

    such a Classy group.... I'm a closet fan!!
  6. LazyLavey

    Do You Log Out ?

    Always... I'm highly suspicious.
  7. LazyLavey

    Silicone Valley - HBO

    and I'm infatuated with Monica
  8. LazyLavey

    Silicone Valley - HBO

    "That's with B"
  9. LazyLavey

    Whats everyone paying for SiriusXM?

    Funny this post comes up now.. just got my renewal notice $247/year for 2 subscriptions. includes a $45 royalty fee I'll be pushing the cancel button see what happens
  10. LazyLavey

    Silicone Valley - HBO

    Several seasons of comedy take-off on "Social Dilemma" Hits on all the controversies with silly humor Great cast of characters, TJ Miller nails his character
  11. LazyLavey

    Ruth bader Ginsburg dead at 87

    Surprised the Dems didn't have a "Weekend At Baders" I know.... too soon
  12. LazyLavey

    Troubleshooting an electrical gremlin.

    In my case the MSD box and the other little square thingy with wires looks cool.....lol
  13. LazyLavey

    Animal House - The Movie

    ........ wish mine would watch it..... If she walks in the room and it's on she sarcastically says.."how many times have you watched this, 100?" same with Blazing Saddles
  14. LazyLavey

    Troubleshooting an electrical gremlin.

    I threw my MSD box in the trash years ago. after numerous random non starts, I realized when I unplugged the msd and plugged the oem back it its been fine for years ..... I'm stock 454 mag and frankly don't feel any difference with or without the box. I assume big power engines may benefit...
  15. LazyLavey

    Trump Parade Channel Islands

    I should be hanging out on my SUP.....
  16. LazyLavey

    I Hope This Is A Sign Of Good Times Ahead

    The things a guy will do.... and the things that a girl will let him do
  17. LazyLavey

    Trump Parade Channel Islands

  18. LazyLavey

    Jesse James looking for a Schiada

    LBC..... Long Beach Crips?
  19. LazyLavey

    So, when will the "covid" boats be hitting the market?

    I'd expect the same with RVs.....
  20. LazyLavey

    I Hope This Is A Sign Of Good Times Ahead

    Beep Beep.......