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    Havasu, First Visit

    Thanks guys, we’re leaving PHX in a few minutes and looking forward to visiting. I grew up boating the Mississippi River and have traveled it St Louis to Minneapolis owning everything from a go-fast to a sedan bridge. I’ve always been curious to live in the Southwest. If anyone wants to grab a...
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    Havasu, First Visit

    Thanks for the tips. We made a reservation for Thursday and Friday nights at the Holiday Inn Express. Any recommendations for a couple middle age beer drinkers to enjoy themselves in the evening? Probably need some dinner too.
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    Havasu, First Visit

    Are these along the River/lake? So is it a river or a lake? Or both?
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    Havasu, First Visit

    Moved to the Phoenix valley in June and we are finally going to make our first trip to Havasu later this week. Plan to stay Thursday and Friday nights but looking for something with a water view. How is the London Bridge Inn? Looks good online and we want to Uber around the area checking out...
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    Nothing finer than a pipeliner...

    Wow, that looked brutal!
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    A unique home loan question

    Never done it but 401(k) loans are becoming quite common and inexpensive. No tax ramifications either.
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    Rectangular Pools

    One more try.
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    Rectangular Pools

    End product.
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    Rectangular Pools

    Very simple.
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    Palomar Solar

    I don’t suppose Palomar has sales and service in Buckeye, AZ??? My new home will be done in June.
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    What do you carry for roadside trailer repair

    Never given the seals much thought either but also never tried to use a $2 seal more than a year.
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    What do you carry for roadside trailer repair

    I trailer 5-6,000 miles each year and carry two spares and a floor jack. I’ve never given spare bearings any thought. I maintence them in the spring and they always look fine the next spring when it’s time again. Do they fail frequently?
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    Water Heater tech...any plumbers on the board?

    Rheem has a new electric water heater that plugs into 115v, no gas lines or 220v wiring expenses. Government rates it at $101 per year in electricity vs their standard electric models at $400/yr. pretty simple technology as I read it, uses Freon based compressor same as your refrigerator. By...
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    Are you a poor tipper?

    To this day I hate it when the server tries to be cute and memorize everyone’s order rather than write it down. I believe it is their job to minimize any opportunity for errors in my dining experience.
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    Drop Hitches

    With the fatigue factor of aluminum, why do people bother with them? Cheaper?
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    Vehicle Issues Moving To AZon a

    This is going to get crazy. Evidently residence is where you reside more than half of the year. This being said wife is AZ resident and I am IA resident. We are both on the auto registrations/titles. We’ll probably get fined by both states! Then there is the company car issue, plated in yet...
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    Vehicle Issues Moving To AZon a

    So is it more about where the car lives, or where I live? I quite likely will spend more days in Iowa vs Arizona each year. My wife quite possibly more than half her days in AZ. Company car owned and plated by an Illinois corporation with IL plates. Confused and just want to do it correctly...
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    Vehicle Issues Moving To AZon a

    Moving to AZ in June next year, 2015 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon (well modified) and 2018 Winnebago class C motorhome will come with us and are registered in Iowa with clear titles, maybe I will keep them plated in Iowa as I still own property there and visit frequently but by airplane. Might this be...
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    Legalized Marijuana

    Well they sure as hell will do it a LOT more if it is legal! The world REALLY needs that!
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    Arizona Side by Side registration for highway use,costs ?

    Does this affect the price or is it simply procedure? I’m also licensing for the first time in AZ.