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  1. bowtiejunkie

    Account draining !

    Staying the course as always.
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    Speaking of TAXES - it's tax time again. What do you do?

    #2 pencil and do it myself, since 1995. I’ve never had anything complicated. The higher Standard Deduction with the Fed has actually benefited us. But, we itemize on state return, requiring completing the Fed Sch A anyways.
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    1997 S10 Parts

    Nice S10 you had. What side mirrors are those?
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    1997 S10 Parts

    I agree, but I’d rather not deal with selling via eBay. Tried FB through my wife’s account and sold one part.
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    1997 S10 Parts

    New GM Grill, never installed. Still in the GM box. $100. New GM Left Armrest. Never installed. Medium Gray. $40. new GM cowl panels (left, right, and center). Never installed. These have a simulated ‘texture’ whereas originals were smooth plastic. GM must have changed the design at...
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    Repealing Prop 13

    that's how I read it as well...selling bonds for the $15B in funding. I read the text of this Prop 13 measure and unless I missed it, there was nothing saying Business Property Tax would change. Maybe there's some tricky wording in there giving the State the green light if it passes to switch...
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    have you priced sewing supplies, fabrics? Or baking ingredients? it’s more expensive to make shit yourself, food or sewing. It’s ridiculous. My wife stays home, bakes, cleans, makes curtains, costumes, pillows, does yard work. But, damn, it’s nuts how expensive making stuff is now. I do...
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    If it wasn't for bad luck.......

    Damn. Glad all of you are ok!
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    Phoenix hotel discounts....

    I don’t know any good public codes. Usually when an event is happening at a convention center, the local hotels jack up the rates. Sometimes AAA will have a good rate. I’ve figured out several corporation’s Marriott hotels discount codes over the years. Never used them though. I know they...
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    Valentine’s Day gift ideas

    I’m sending the wife and kids to Disneyland while I visit all the bars on the outside recommended by TPC. Lol seriously, we are going to Disneyland (kids birthday’s and haven’t been in 8 years), but wife and I quit with these holidays years ago. I do usually just buy here a card and write...
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    Welcome to endless Saturdays...so I’m told. I still have keep track of each day. Lol. Congratulations!
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    Windows 10 if you Want it or Not.

    I just walked into Costco a few years ago, bought a new laptop with Windows 10 and followed a little tutorial rivermobster posted years ago to set it up. Life is good. Work just upgraded late last year on windows 7 laptops. No problems.
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    15 yr mortgage loan vs 20 vs 30

  14. bowtiejunkie

    So, preseason boating maintaince. Whatcha doin?

    :p Stole my answer! Lol. Selling ours back to my brother. If he doesn’t bring a check this Spring I’ll actually have to list it for sale. Exiting boating and going back to “boating...that’s what friends and family are for”.
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    15 yr mortgage loan vs 20 vs 30

    This thread went sideways for sure. IMO, if you as a borrower don't know what you are signing, you should hire a lawyer to explain it to you in language you can understand. A business doesn’t enter into a term loan or revolving line of credit with a bank without a lawyer or legal team...
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    Another New Nautique Engine Option.

    3000 lbs dry, 600hp. Wish I had some scratch. I’m sure a zz8 ski version won’t be cheap if they make one.
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    15 yr mortgage loan vs 20 vs 30

    I wouldn’t sweat it. I doubt you’d force a client into a shitty mortgage product. And I don’t even know you. Damn, the winter blues around here is effecting people good this year.
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    15 yr mortgage loan vs 20 vs 30

    No mortgage broker I’ve ever dealt with has doubled as an investment broker or provided financial planning advice. A mortgage broker and the underwriter’s will determine if you can pay the bill. Unless it’s a friend or family member that is your mortgage broker, they won’t care if you have to...
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    15 yr mortgage loan vs 20 vs 30

    What the hell is going here. I thought RDP paid cash for everything? For BHC Vic, I’d just have a mortgage broker run the numbers and see if they make sense for your situation and goals.
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    Boats - Boobs - Butts - Bikinis

    Looks like a freakin blast! Thanks for sharing.