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  1. bonesfab

    Dog Name

    With husky in her you might want to consider crackhead. Every one at the dog park gets that title from me. And good luck. Energy to spare.
  2. bonesfab

    Well i had the worse date ever

    They are all fucking nuts.
  3. bonesfab

    Van Halen or Van Hagar

    So this just showed up fedex. 😁😁
  4. bonesfab

    Hey LEO dudes...

    Maybe it’s the fucktards that populate the jails are getting worse. Just maybe.
  5. bonesfab

    BBC polished 2-piece valve covers.

    I have a set of polished big block Chevy valve covers that are of the 2-piece design. Not sure who made them. They are angled for marine exhaust. I also have the breather tank that goes with them. I have o-rings but they should probably be replaced. 500.00 obo.
  6. bonesfab

    Edelbrock super victor tall deck 4500 intake

    I have a brand new in the box Edelbrock # 2916 super victor tall deck 4500 intake manifold. Summit retails it for 445.00. 400.00 obo.
  7. bonesfab

    Barry Grant King Demon carb

    I have a BG king demon removable sleeve dominator. Been sitting for a while. Not sure on the cfm. Venturi around booster measures roughly 1.800. Throttle plates are 2.00. Needs a good cleaning. 500.00 obo.
  8. bonesfab

    Barry Grant alcohol Dominator carb

    I have a Holley dominator that was modified by Barry Grant. It is set up for alcohol. It has the fuel bowl extensions. It looks to be a 1050. I pulled a bowl and it is pretty clean. Could use a cleaning and gasket from sitting. 600.00 or offer.
  9. bonesfab

    454 blower short block fresh

    I have acquired another engine. This one is a 454 4-bolt block with Arp main studs. It is 030 over. It has Trw l2453 dishes blower pistons in it. It has a forged Gm crankshaft that has been double keyed and unknown brand of aluminum rods. Rods and pistons look new. It has an unknown...
  10. bonesfab

    Van Halen or Van Hagar

    I am sure he would love to. I will tell him next time I talk to him.
  11. bonesfab

    For all you ballers with triple axle trailers

    They were demoing those at sema. Pretty cool but not at that price.
  12. bonesfab

    Van Halen or Van Hagar

    The stories I have heard from Eddie and Alex about Dave are epic. Dave is the reason Van Halen hasn't done much in the recent past. Besides Eddies health issues. Van Halen all the way. And I was just down at Eddies the other day and he is doing better..
  13. bonesfab

    Awesome town, USA - School me

    There goes the 126 and the 5 will be royally screwed.
  14. bonesfab

    Awesome town, USA - School me

    Ventura county is closed. Just stay on the south side of the hill. :)
  15. bonesfab

    Your first boat.....

    Probably could have stuffed it in the trunk of that Ltd
  16. bonesfab

    Your first boat.....

    Truck or Camaro. Haven’t figured out which yet.
  17. bonesfab

    That piano must be exhausted after this guy finished playing.

    I have my great grandmothers up right piano in my house. My mom restored it when I was a kid. It has a date of 1886 or somewhere close. I just wish I could play it. Saw Elton john and Billy Joel at the pond one time. The seats were up and behind the stage. Watching those two go at was...
  18. bonesfab

    Your first boat.....

    My first boat and still have it 23 years later. Typical Schiada spends most of its life on the trailer. I have receipts from when Bob Teague did the original twin turbo engine out of his garage.
  19. bonesfab

    The beast

    Bad fucking ass. Trump 2020.. 👍👍
  20. bonesfab

    COSTCO Concierge vs LG 65" OLED FYI:

    I have had good luck with samsung’s. Granted they are not on all day as it is just me at the house.