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  1. Rayson1971

    Rolls Royce SUV

    This and also the maintenance and insurance would kill you for that rolls
  2. Rayson1971

    30 foot Submersible Boat for Just $750

    I wonder how much cocaine it held the first and last time they used it.
  3. Rayson1971

    SBA loan fraud

    I called all three agencies and froze mine.Ill open it when I need to.
  4. Rayson1971

    Scam alert

    This guy tried me too when I was looking for a foot throttle . pm says if your still looking for what you posted above email this guy. Seemed off. Waited then tried the guy to see if it was real or not and guy sends bon personal response and a pic of the foot throttle from an add. I called b.s..
  5. Rayson1971

    Calling all Cole Boats

    The starfire needs a 280 on the back with a 15" mid and would be mother f'n fast
  6. Rayson1971

    Challenger: The Final Flight

    I was in eighth grade pe class standing on stairs waiting for teacher and the principal came over the loud speaker . Was very sad and there was supposed to be the first teacher up there which made it even worse.
  7. Rayson1971

    What band reminds you most of the river?

    Eagles. Take it easy.
  8. Rayson1971

    The Great Outdoors - Suck My Wake

    I got the t shirt
  9. Rayson1971

    That's an unfortunate title

    My inner 49 year old is giggling on the outside.
  10. Rayson1971

    Halloween Canceled?

    A Halloween mask a form of mask so what's the problem?
  11. Rayson1971

    200 people airlifted from California campground.

    Sister sent me this. The yellow spot is our cabin.
  12. Rayson1971

    Hallett 19’SS repower

    If anyone has there old interior I will take it off your hands. I could use the wood as a template. Wanna put it back to OG.
  13. Rayson1971

    200 people airlifted from California campground.

    On IG there are some videos of people stranded at mammoth pool and it's insane . Only road in blocked and fire all around them.
  14. Rayson1971

    200 people airlifted from California campground.

    Yeah my sister was at our cabin at shaver lake and got evacuated. Talked to her this morning and it coming through shaver. Some structures by market lost. We're crossing our fingers.
  15. Rayson1971

    Hallett 19’SS repower

    I'm thinking about putting my 300 promax on my 19 ss Hallett. 1.62 sportmaster. Anyone have an idea where to start with a prop? Sorry for the thread jack.
  16. Rayson1971

    DCB's M37R Grabs LOTO by the Horns Full Write up

    Beautiful write up . Very beautiful boat. I am a big fan of the all white boats. Have been since I built mine in 2001. Especially for havasu heat.
  17. Rayson1971

    Well Boyz and Girls time to open up a new chapter.. I'm officially ORDAINED!

    There is the answer . Everybody get ordained and have minister and family retreats on the water. Write off the gas in the boat and communion food and drink. Doesn't have to only be on Sunday. Churches are open everyday. So I've been told.
  18. Rayson1971

    Well Boyz and Girls time to open up a new chapter.. I'm officially ORDAINED!

    The ozarks tv show the guy was doing church service on the water. Right up your alley minus the heroine distribution though. Unless you're into that.
  19. Rayson1971

    Bringing some Facebook to Rdp

    Except you can leave Facebook .
  20. Rayson1971

    Any ideas for a new side hustle / job?

    Get a grow licence and grow pot in your garage.