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  1. Groper

    1995 Stoker 20.1

    Dauummit im losing sleep over this one, do I re-power mine & new Int. or pick this one up 🤔 Q: How did you re-enforce the transom, with Glass or Brackets ?
  2. Groper

    Any 22' V-Drives for sale ?

    No I'll send him an email thanks
  3. Groper

    Any 22' V-Drives for sale ?

    Well it's almost a week since I posted "In search of a 22' Schiada" on Craig's in several cities and another Boating, Bote'n sites. And it's been pure comedy from: I know a guy ! I have (4) and their all for sale for the right price "do you know how much they cost new" to I'm going to keep all...
  4. Groper

    Scam alert

    Dealt with a Scammer on Scream-N-Fly selling a OB yesterday. I posted in OB's for sale looking for a motor and someone with a new membership with "0" posts PM'd me with this danaslovesneals@gmail.com email stating that this guy had one for sale and that he might still have it. I asked a few...
  5. Groper

    Input on whos sold pusher and went back to gas or smaller rv?

    Air Bag valves, Bell Crank, Safety-T steering stabilizer, Koni Shocks and possibly adding a rear sway bay after a few trips after the mods.
  6. Groper

    Input on whos sold pusher and went back to gas or smaller rv?

    It can be sometimes BUT there are suspension components available that eliminated those issues I'll be doing those mods here pretty soon.
  7. Groper

    Input on whos sold pusher and went back to gas or smaller rv?

    Theses are sweet ^^^^^ I went from a 40' Super C to a 33' (tol 35") Tiffin DP and with the 4 slides out it has a larger floor plan than the Super C. My Accountant went down to a Dodge/Mercedes mini RV and loves it and getting 11-13mpg though as far as dry camping their tanks are very small he...
  8. Groper

    34 Hallett for sale

    Who's Dave ?
  9. Groper

    Ruth bader Ginsburg dead at 87

    Dirt Nap 😴
  10. Groper

    Stalking dinner

    Q: Did the Kitty walk across the London Bridge, Bote' or Swim to get to the Island 🤔
  11. Groper

    Any 22' V-Drives for sale ?

    Why yes....yes he is lol
  12. Groper

    Any 22' V-Drives for sale ?

    I have talked to Don about (2) of his Boats for Sale. Thanks Travis
  13. Groper

    Any 22' V-Drives for sale ?

    Looking for a clean 22' V-Drive. Thanks
  14. Groper

    Let’s get Serious..

    Yes I had one.
  15. Groper

    Let’s get Serious..

    Umm why does that look like a RC Bote' o_O
  16. Groper

    Shooting Lake Havasu

    Ok thanks, "Vena Cava" reminded me of a great Red Cab I picked up in NAPA a few years back. :cool:
  17. Groper

    Shooting Lake Havasu

    “He was bleeding internally. The bullet ruptured his 'vena cava'. He was filling with blood,” Laura told The News. Uuuhhh a what ? :confused:
  18. Groper

    Pebble tech vs plaster?

    My 3m Quartz pool in Havasu is 7yrs old and looks like shit mostly due to the heat on the Baja Step being shallow along with the minerals in the constant blowing sand/dust. It's stained with a light brown stain mostly because of the Tard cleaning the pool, I had the water tested and it was a fng...
  19. Groper

    Visitor last night

    That's Special ^^^^^
  20. Groper

    Why Does The Food Suck So Bad At Topock 66?

    After the reopening we would cruise up for breakfast and lunch a few times and it was ok, not good but ok ie: burnt OE eggs. Stopped in for lunch friday before labor day and I will say the service was excellent for a change and the Burgers were pretty good along with the fries & onion rings. 😲...