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  1. Patyacht

    Trail Date Set For Tim McDonald

    Front Page 2/13/2020 Lake Havasu News-Herald
  2. Patyacht


    Anyone know of a place in Havasu where I can buy a sissy bar RAM mount for a RZR. Trying to mount a new LIVE 7 to the sisy bar for a RZR and I need it done by COB Thursday.
  3. Patyacht

    2020 Polaris RZR Reveal

    2020 Polaris Models to be revealed tonight 7/28/2019 at 7 pm CST, which is 6 pm MST/PST today and debunks all the rumors. Just subscribe to this thread: https://www.rzrforums.net/general-rzr-discussion/543080-new-polaris-lineup-will-posted-here-july-28th-7-pm-ct.html#post5919758
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    Fatal Accident on the 95 North of Havasu and South of the 40!

    Road to be closed for hours so don't go North out of Havasu!
  5. Patyacht

    Coleman AC Warranty Repair

    Just bought a 5th wheel from out of state. Contacted JR Mtrs to do warranty repair on Coleman AC and 1 toilet. They were OUTSTANDING! I was referred to them by Darrel Robinson of Robinson Automotive. Julie of JR Mtrs was the best! She contacted my dealer worked out the warranty repair and...
  6. Patyacht

    New RV - Exterior and Interior Protection

    Anyone ever hear of this product EcoRVPro and is it worth the 2K they want for it. They say it will: -Protection against fading and loss of gloss -Protection against etching due to insects tree sap, road salt etc. -No Need to Wax for 5 yrs! -Interior Mold and Mildew protection as well as...
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    Boating OUI enforcement to target Colorado River this weekend

    Boating OUI enforcement to target Colorado River this weekend: http://www.mohavedailynews.com/needles_desert_star/boating-oui-enforcement-to-target-colorado-river-this-weekend/article_33bd60a6-2901-11e6-bfb4-7b8ffa68e762.html
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    Feds want to add River Restrictions

    OK. It's time to speak up. Today's main story out of the Havasu News-Herald http://www.havasunews.com/news/feds-say-they-re-listening-on-refuge-boating-restrictions/article_cd0b5368-0137-11e6-a9ab-17458eb2bb13.html is about new BOATING RESTRICTIONS ON THE RIVER!!! It will impact all of us...
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    Enjoying Christmas Eve

    Enjoying Christmas Eve In Havasu 2015!
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    Best Credit Card

    So I got bent over by Merrill Lynch on my Construction Loan and Made the decision to dump (over time) everything ML and Bank of America (Owns ML). I've already dumped ML. I am looking for a replacement for my BOA -Alaska Airlines Visa Card. So I'm looking for recommendations on the best CC...
  11. Patyacht

    Fire Site Six Area

    Looks like there is a fire around Site 6. Can't see what is burning from my location.
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    Despite wide opposition, the USCG has instituted a new fee schedule. Most if not all of these fees will be passed on to the boat owner. I know my renewal that was $0 is now $26. Not much but multiply that by 235,000 average annual renewal and it's a bunch. I wonder why I didn't get the...
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    Meet Miss Lily

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    Lake Havasu BUI/Safety Check Point 6-26 thru 6-28

    I had a friend stopped 2 weeks ago. Got arrested and spent 4 hours in jail in Needles and has to go to court in Victorville. Not Fun at all! So they are out there again this weekend so be safe...
  15. Patyacht

    Fish and Game Expanding Restrictions on Colorado River North of Havasu

    From Their Web Site: http://www.fws.gov/refuge/Havasu/alert.html They call it MINOR. IMO for every inch they take a mile. Alert - Minor Expansion of No Wake Zone Effective immediately the portion of Havasu National Wildlife Refuge closed to water skiing, tubing, wake boarding, or towing of...
  16. Patyacht

    River Scene Shootout Coverage

    Here's River Scene's Shootout coverage. Can't believe the course had a bend in it. http://riverscenemagazine.com/story/lake-havasu-events/event-coverage/2015/04/desert-storm-shoot-out-saturday/
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    Obama wants to Regulate Off Road Vehicles

    I got an e-mail from Polaris today. It's Time to Act now no matter what Off Road vehicle you own! Please write your reps now!!!! http://www.polaris.com/en-us/atv-ranger-rzr/cpsc-ruling?wt.mc_id=4D7199D7-E468-E411-A667-0050569A00BB&wt.mc_ev=email&WT.mc_id=
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    New Nav Radio

    My stock Nav radio is dying. I have the original REC Uconnect radio in my 2006 DODGE RAM 2500. It is the REC 6 CD PLAYER RADIO MP3 GPS REC NAVIGATION Radio. I'm on my 3rd or 4th disc and am getting a lot of navigation disc read errors again. I think my options are to replace the unit with...
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    Bad Day on the Lake yesterday.

    Started off beautiful until:
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    Havasu Getting Hammered

    Just got hit with 42 mile per hour winds. Raining and lightening. Pictures to follow.