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  1. Cole Trickle

    2020 Ford Raptor shout out

    my son has been driving golf carts and automatics in parking lots for years. He has always just gotten it and I have trusted him with fast rc cars from very young and he has always been really good and-responsible. I have a couple cars I wouldn’t let him drive there just too fast but I...
  2. Cole Trickle

    2020 Ford Raptor shout out

    He knows I would kill him and we have had the talk.Too many cameras and the wife and I would never roll like that...lol With that said I would rather my kid know how to wheel a car and know they are to be respected vs. the dumb shit kid that steals dads Porsche and wrecks it with zero skill...
  3. Cole Trickle

    2020 Ford Raptor shout out

    Buddy of mine donated the Momo wheel to the project. It was used as a scramble button on a turbo car.
  4. Cole Trickle

    2020 Ford Raptor shout out

    Kid did really good proud parent moment. I knew he would get it quick he's a pimp...lol Took him out again Wednesday and and you can tell it clicked. No stalls , way better clutch engadgement and the best part was his car control of all pedals was much improved. Even had him working down...
  5. Cole Trickle

    2020 Ford Raptor shout out

    If you think the current trucks are expensive wait until the supercharged v8 edition comes out. It will be limited production and way more than the standard trucks. Then you throw a 25k dealer mark up on it because it's the new hotness. We all know your cheap ass :p isn't going to spend 120k...
  6. Cole Trickle

    Car insurance???

    If you add a second car you will end up with a multi car discount. If you buy a junk commuter you can put the work mileage on that car and change the usage to pleasure on the other car. Most of the time it doesen't add that much premium if the new car is a older 4 door. I have actually seen it...
  7. Cole Trickle

    No New Gas Powered Cars by 2035

    Another thing that bugs the crap out of me is why on earth is this dumb shit even worrying about this type of thing. This is a global issue that won't be fixed in our lifetime and the biggest threat is a country on the other side of the world that we are completely cool with producing everything...
  8. Cole Trickle

    No New Gas Powered Cars by 2035

    I hope so. With that said if you think the last 4 years have been crazy watch how nuts everything gets and how triggered the left gets when he is re elected.
  9. Cole Trickle

    No New Gas Powered Cars by 2035

    I don't think California will ever swing conservative again. Too much tom foolery going around and conservatives are having less children than people who need government assistance. These kids are being shown a way of life from birth and most won't make it out. I'm a little worried about the...
  10. Cole Trickle

    PPP Loan Rules

    https://www.thinkadvisor.com/2020/09/14/crackdown-on-ppp-fraud-is-precursor-for-more-charges-and-investigations-lawyers-say-415-379939/ Intresting article...Sounds like some people might be in for a big surprise. Better have your paperwork in order
  11. Cole Trickle

    You want a Mini Boat?... Here Ya Go! Mini Boat Mafia (WTF)

    i was surprised how affordable the kits are. Build it at home in your garage I think someone competent could build it for 10k if they found a cheap wrecked newer sit down and shopped for deals.
  12. Cole Trickle

    Fires and homeowners insurance ... How does this work if

    Insurance companies want you to rebuild the home so you get back to where you were prior to the loss. They won't cash you out. Lets say you have a large mortgage on the property they write you a check you decide not to rebuild and default on the mortgage. Now the Mortgage company is screwed...
  13. Cole Trickle

    So i got a message that said the CLIPPERS STILL SUCK!!

    I'm with you..... I tried to watch and the politics turned me off. When they sat the game out because the officer involved incident in Wisconsin I quit all together. I have better things to do. Still fuck the clippers that might be there biggest implosion ever...hahahaha
  14. Cole Trickle

    2004 DCB F26 Twin Mercury Racing 300X's. Open Bow!!

    @mbrown2 old boat i believe
  15. Cole Trickle

    RDP group shoot/ training?

    Ted Reach out to my dad i'm sure he would love to tag along and learn some stuff.
  16. Cole Trickle

    I thought I was feeling down before...

    Sucks about the car. Karma gods like you... that deer easily could have ended up going over the hood through the windshield.
  17. Cole Trickle

    All good

    The original performance numbers seem pretty good at that elevation? The speed when loaded seems weird. Do you have a good feel for what the boat wants or needs when trimming? At that Elevation I would think a Bravo 24 loaded and a 26 perhaps a labbed 28 when light. I don't think that boat...
  18. Cole Trickle

    Team RDP's Real Estate Listings!

    I knew you had a raccoon fetish....haha :p :eek:
  19. Cole Trickle

    sw 9mm shield

    Have you held and shot one? I find the baby glock alot more comfortable especially with the extended mag grip the shield grip is a little small imho.
  20. Cole Trickle

    2750 NuEra MCOB w/ Merc 565

    Boat turned out great! Really like the new cut out for the cuddy. If it had a front sliding door to stop the wind it would be perfecto.